Cytus v10.1.3 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Cytus v10.1.3 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Games , Music

Developer :
Rayark International Limited

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Descriptions :

You burn for stories with fascinating details. Add this eye-catching fun music that creates many great moments for users. A story about the future is presented to the users. With a picture of when there will be no more people on this earth. And in this world there are only images of man-made robots. They don't have emotions like humans, mostly emotionless. But the special thing is that music is always important for everyone. A great story when we made it with an app called Cytus. It is great when the application is brought to everyone to bring extremely beautiful emotions. Then there are the feelings, emotions that make us passionate. Let's learn about the application to know the interesting things that are shown.


A game will evoke different feelings among users. The demos are perfect and give the listeners immortal music. The sound brings out your emotions and creates many beautiful moments. So to create this app we had to design many days in a row. To create an application with great sounds. Added to this are the graphics, vivid images with high realism. The special thing is that the app is completely free, it really is free. We developed this game with the desire to offer users the most fun and relaxing moments. Don't disappoint users and let them feel more of these extremely vivid but equally interesting details.


You know, we created a whole new story with a lot of interesting things waiting for you. A story about a distant human future. When all of humanity is destroyed and there is no shadow left of anyone in this world. Only robots still move in big cities or countries. And the special thing is that although people die, these memories still remain in the robot's memory. And Cyrus is an indispensable thing for preserving beautiful human memories. All are intact and clear and will not fade over the years. And the music will make the robot learn more about human history. A very successful story with many different emotions in each person. They will always be nice memories and stay in the robot's mind.


We give the user a horizontal bar to move around. The rhythm of the song is moved up and down, we also use a variety of colorful bubbles for better expression. . And in order to play these bubbles, the player must really understand many ways. As if bubbles are next to each other you have to use your fingers accurately to touch them all. And to convey the most authentic feeling. All sounds are carefully analyzed to allow players to feel the most authentic and vivid things. Please login now and show your mastery skills by application


In order to convey both the best feeling and the variety of playing styles, we offer countless different music styles. Lots of music genres that excite users like POP, JAZZ, TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM 'N BASS and many other unique genres are waiting for you. What are you waiting for without experiencing it right away? The exciting and thrilling games are waiting for the players ahead of them. The fun of the games will inspire you. There are also 9 different levels. And the task of the player is to overcome it and get interesting gifts for yourself.  really lives up to both expectations and the stories with great details are waiting for you. We will not disappoint you when we are all reunited in this game. The sound together with the interesting gameplay allows the player to see a lot of interesting, but no less exciting details. Connect with other social networks and show off your talented skills. Tell everyone to feel instantly and have fun moments. Thank you for believing in and using the application. We hope players will always have the most fun when they experience it.

Features :

* Discover activities in the world of sound, take on various challenges, unlock new tracks and dozens of other exciting activities are still waiting for you.
* Newly added to the system, newly released music or songs that have an impact on society, you can experience once the update goes live.
* Players must complete musical notes challenges; You have to play the selected song by precisely clicking on the moving colorful circles on the road.
* New tracks are unlocked when you reach a certain level. Specific requests to expand the playlist will be communicated to you via our special notice.
* Experience hundreds of different songs and become more proficient through practice; The system records the number of points you receive after performing the song. You can get many perks.

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