Crafting Idle Clicker v6.2.4 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Crafting Idle Clicker v6.2.4 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Games , Simulation

Developer :
Bling Bling Games GmbH

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Descriptions :

Crafting Idle Clicker - economical clicker for Android in which the user crafts resources and crafts various items. In order to earn as much money as possible, the player must properly process the raw materials to produce and sell a product. Earned money should not accumulate on the account, so they need to invest in other activities. At the same time, players will complete exciting tasks and get new levels and hundreds of achievements.


Without a doubt, Crafting Idle Clicker is always a port of call for people with get-rich-quick ambitions. If you come to this game, you can become a craft magnate. Try to organize many projects and build many different urban areas from the collected products. Players can also improve and advance the projects they create with the money earned in previous levels. On the other hand, if you invest wisely, you can make more money.


You are the one in power and have the most money in this game and therefore players can organize seminars and events whenever they want. Potential projects allow you to attract investment and generate high revenue for the high-quality products you manufacture. If you spend time participating in many different events, the number of rewards you win is also significant.


Regularly take care of the products you make while participating in Crafting Idle Clicker. If you want it to generate faster, touch them to make them work at full capacity. You can also make the factories work automatically by investing more money in advanced technical facilities and equipment. Then products can still be made even when the factories are closed and you just have to schedule the time when they are ready.

Features :

* Craft my rare materials and high quality crafts and goods, then harvest and sell them.
* From the rare materials you get from winning quests or the items you collect, you can build anything out of them.
* Once you develop and upgrade your commodity units, you can have the shops sell automatic mechanics from crafting units.
* Hundreds of levels are waiting for you to explore and experience, through which players have the opportunity to get lots of awesome items and contribute to leveling up.
* Players can collect many blueprints from the workshops they attend and use them to build more new city areas.
* Upgrade and evolve blueprints! Increase your sales to get fixed bonuses.
* Invest in more upgrades, new products or research.
* Complete missions to earn permanent prestige rewards.
* Organize your workshop as you wish. Just drag the products around.
* Participate in regular event workshops with unique content and rewards.
* Build a giant production line with over items and counting.
*Active: Tap your products to speed up crafting.
*Passive: Let the game run while it automatically makes money and invests the winnings.
*Closed: Crafting continues while the app is closed. Just place new orders from time to time.
*Offline: Most functions work without an internet connection.

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