Crab War Idle Swarm Evolution v3.55.0 MOD (much money) APK

Crab War Idle Swarm Evolution v3.55.0 MOD (much money) APK

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Developer :
Appxplore (iCandy)

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Descriptions :

Crab War (MOD, Unlimited Money): Explore the depths of the ocean and dip your head into the underwater world. In this game you have the opportunity to feel yourself in the role of a real crab. But everything is not so simple, first you need to grow it and go through several stages of transformation. You have the opportunity to choose your development branch, because each crab has its own skills and different strengths. Your task is to destroy everyone who tries to harm you. Management in the game is very simple, so everyone can cope with it

playing style

Crab War has an attractive fighting style between an army of crabs crowded with huge sea monsters. The controls are extremely simple, you just have to touch anywhere on the screen to summon the crab units to attack the enemy. Since the enemy is a giant reptile, you must attack until the enemy's HP drops to 0.

Defeating enemies gives you coins. They are used to evolve crabs to increase strength and attack ability. There are many powerful enemies that keep appearing and getting stronger. So, the player must constantly improve the strength to deal with the enemy. That's why the battles in Crab War are nerve-wracking and very persistent.

The strong enemies

The enemies of Crab War in Crab War are huge sea monsters. They have been ravaging the seabed for hundreds of years. So they are very crowded and aggressive. Each time you defeat a monster, a different giant and dusty one always appears. In particular, huge bosses would appear every time a few small monsters were defeated. They are stronger with a huge amount of blood and can even eat an army of crabs with just one attack.

Each boss has to be eliminated in about 30 seconds. Sometimes your powers don't allow it. Therefore, the player can ignore the boss and fight again if you are strong enough. Kill more powerful monsters, the more gold you earn. Occasionally there are monsters, especially golden reptiles, that drop a large amount of gold.

Features :

* Evolve over 80 beautifully designed crabs
* Spawn 33 unique queens to lead your swarm
* Unleash 6 powerful abilities and customize them with up to 18 different talents
* Hunt over 50 uniquely dangerous reptiles
* Ecdysis and being reborn with powerful mutations
* Kill the Wildebeast and get legendary rewards
* Compete with others in challenging tournaments

MOD function

Unlimited Pearls

How to get Pearls if you use the MOD version

Get a large amount of pearls from quest rewards.

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