Cooking Master Life Fever Chef Restaurant Game v1.72 MOD (A lot of diamonds/gold coins) APK

Descriptions :

Cooking Master is the perfect choice for everyone who has a strong passion for cooking and dreams of becoming a famous chef. You don't have to wait because if you come to this game your dream will come true in no time. It feels great to run a luxury restaurant and prepare delicious dishes for customers.


When you come to Cooking Master, start a business in a small restaurant with a few simple dishes to serve a small number of customers. Observe what the dish ordered by the customer is and you will prepare it from the ingredients provided. Remember that you have to create an appropriate dish to serve or to piss off your customers. However, don't worry too much because the game will guide you to quickly understand how to play.

There will be many levels with each level from easy to difficult and with each level you will experience many different attractive dishes. There is nothing notable in the first few minutes of a level, but later the speed picks up. It would be best if you learn to control everything and your processing speed must also be fast to serve the customers. But it's also a way to practice your skills, and that's the style of a professional chef.


After completing each level, you will receive valuable rewards such as gold coins, diamonds, and keys. The gold coins you earn can be used to upgrade some cooking appliances, allowing you to cook many dishes at the same time. The spacious restaurant area with modern kitchen appliances will help you attract more customers.

A unique feature in Cooking Master that differs from other games is that you can create many new recipes instead of just following the existing ones. There will be some cooking competitions and you can bring in your creations. If you win, you will be known to many people and the reputation of the restaurant is also widespread everywhere.

Features :

* Opportunity to experience the work of a professional chef of your own large restaurant
* Discover many exciting recipes to create many attractive dishes that you have never tried before
* The graphics are designed with bright colors to create a comfortable feel and the dishes are very realistic, which you will enjoy
* Overcome many different challenges to earn a lot of money and improve the quality of the restaurant
* Expand more restaurant branches and serve hundreds of different dishes from many countries.
* The best cooking game and restaurant game for women
* Fun and challenging cooking games are free to play
* Hire many famous chefs for your cooking restaurant
* Manage your restaurant and kitchen, improve workflow to earn more idle money.
* Improve restaurant and upgrade kitchen in cooking games with food games
* Cook delicious street food with food games
* Expand the restaurant system to the whole world
* Claim the grand prize in our various events and tournaments.

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