Cooking Live restaurant game v0.37.0.48 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK


Hello everyone! My name is Jane and I need your help! I travel the world and create a blog about restaurants and local cuisine. And I see big corporations rushing talented local cooks and their restaurants! Let's take things in hand and give them back the taste for life!

Do you like cooking games and designing games? So welcome to Cooking Live! Feel like a star chef in the world of crazy cooking!

Be careful! This game is total cooking madness! Tasty fried eggs, juicy burgers, good pizzas... You'll never be bored with this selection of recipes. Make food to feel your cooking fever! But making food isn't everything. You also have to deal with a serious cooking craze when an influx of customers arrives! Complete an order for a customer in time before they leave the restaurant!


In the game, the player will join a dedicated cook on her journey to create a successful culinary empire. Start with just one restaurant, as you learn more about the art of cooking, you will have your chances of opening new restaurants. Experiment with different types of food and have fun doing your favorite job.

In this game you have to accompany the main character, whose name is Jane. She really loves cooking and has her own food blog, which is watched by thousands of people. Take orders from visitors and cook their meal for them, then receive your reward. After all, each time your level increases, it will allow you to learn new recipes for the dishes that are here. Go further and further and become the best chef!

In Cooking Live - restaurant game you will find well-designed animated graphics, made in HD quality, as well as in full 3D. The special effects are very colorful and very atmospheric, which makes you want to play again and again. The controls are simple and you can easily manage with one hand!

Right now, you can download this game from our site and have an unforgettable gameplay experience! There is a Hacked version on our site, where there will be a lot of money!


* Discover all useful and common ingredients
To start your cooking career, Cooking Fever players have the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the ingredients. Familiarize yourself with over 200 different types of ingredients by learning about their taste, uses, and mastery. Enrich your cooking basics by spending quality time in Cooking Fever.

* Collect new recipes and keep them in your note
In addition, you will also be introduced to various cooking recipes in this game. Access some of the best recipes straight from the world's most celebrated chefs. Practice cooking over 500 different dishes using the given ingredients. Treat yourself to wonderful dinners with your new dishes.

* Addictive time management gameplay
Cooking Fever will also introduce players to an addictive time management gameplay where they have to calculate the time carefully. Don't waste time getting your customers to their seats and never make them wait too long. Get addicted to the epic cooking game as you start growing your thriving business.

* Unlock new locations as you explore the art of cooking
And the best thing about Cooking Fever is that the game presents players with large maps on which you can travel between different locations. Play through extremely rewarding levels
The game offers players over 900 different exciting levels. Traveling to different locations also gives you the opportunity to explore the deep gameplay it offers. In addition, you can also choose the right difficulties according to your current skills. Complete your levels and win valuable prizes.

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