Clockmaker Match 3 Games! v81.1.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Watchmaker Amazing Match 3 (Unlimited Money) : Puzzle "Three in a row", where the objects are on the playing field gems. The user must help save the city from an old curse. For this it is necessary to carry out the job of the watchmaker, namely, namely to rearrange the gems to ask chains of three or more identical objects. Every one and a half hundreds of levels, the player must also perform a specific task. All this will help to defeat antique evil and save the city from its influence.

The action is quite new and interesting

The action of the watchmaker is built on a unique story, and everything will start in a particular city deep in the dangerous old forest. It can be seen that this place is pretty outlined and sad because only a few houses are old and expire. The cold Christmas atmosphere has also come so that this place is even more boring and scary. Something she seems to have done so because it was a beautiful city, with many people who live here.

It started everything when a very mysterious bell tower appeared, and people spread that a clock lurks there in the city, so no one dared to approach. People called this godless watchmaker, and after a while he spent a terrible curse that crashed the whole city into a terrible darkness. Your mission is now to rescue the city and bring along every memorable Christmas.
Watchmaker: Game 3 Games! Watchmaker: Game 3 Games!

Overcome hundreds of different missions

To help people to repair houses or places that were destroyed, they have to complete a number of tasks in the game through puzzles. Maybe you are familiar with the gameplay of the match-3 game genres, so you have to touch the screen and match 3 or more of the same gems in this game. You must meet the appended application and pay attention to the number of times where you may perform the operations. If you have exhausted the permissible number of times and you do not yet fulfill the requirements, you have not failed at this level.

Every time you pass a level, unlock a house in the city and so on until it returns to former peace. However, with the following levels, the difficulty will gradually increase, together with the specified requirements, more complicated. In order to easily complete them, they need to know how they know how they can watch the best strategy to make the best strategy that will not make mistakes from the first time.

Some unique events that you can experience

A special feature in this game that very few other games are the many interesting and interesting events that are regularly experiencing them to experience them. Because hundreds of level go, they will be continuously stressed and feel quite boring, so they need something to entertain. The manufacturer to understand, the manufacturer has introduced many events for you to attend every week and, in particular, to get many valuable gifts.

Among them, you can experience the magical pest event in which you can grow in a few small pots of beautiful and magical flowers. You must first plant the seeds in a pot and then water water daily. After a short time of waiting, start spraying and become colorful flowers when they bring them many attractive rewards.

Features :

* Take part in a truly fascinating classic match 3 game with hundreds of different puzzles.
* In order to be able to implement the proposed property, the only thing you need to do will be the puzzle.
* The gameplay is very simple with elementary operations optimized.
* Unique events are regularly updated from the system to you.
* The graphic of the game are beautiful, funny and will give players moments of great entertainment.

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