Bonbon Cakery v2.2.1 MOD (Unlimited Gold + Medal + Ticket) APK

Bonbon Cakery v2.2.1 MOD (Unlimited Gold + Medal + Ticket) APK

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Developer :
Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

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Descriptions :

Bonbon Cakery Pixel - economy manager that gives the player the opportunity to control our own cake shop. The city has opened a new cafe where everyone can buy the best cakes. This place will be in the hands of the user. In order to leave satisfied customers, one must follow the recipes and prepare a variety of cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins and other sweets. By completing missions, the user gets access to new recipes, and by participating in culinary competitions, players can win valuable prizes and gifts.


In Bonbon Cakery, the player has an exciting mission taking over a bakery that many people pass by. How to make sure you have your bakery and you can earn a lot of money by getting more customers to eat cakes. You get a lot of exciting mechanics and you have to take care of aspects like cake recipes, staff, adding new shelves and many other factors. They all have a specific influence on the development of the bakery. You'll watch this game in a 2D environment with pixel graphics and thanks to that you'll be able to see all the activities in your bakery. In particular, you will see how employees bake cakes and put them in the baking pan. After the cakes are out of the oven, others move them to other shelves to display for passers-by. You get a win for every customer who enters your bakery.


When it comes to the human element in Bonbon Cakery, players often think of the employees you hire and the customers who often visit your store. Each character type has a different stat that you need to take care of. The people you hire have two main stats: inventory and preparation. The higher stat fills two roles: hole for high-stock staffers, or kitchen for those knowledgeable about prep. You'll be able to hire more staff at different levels and you'll need to monitor where you're lacking in order to make accurate and consistent decisions for your bakery. In addition, for customers, players will find people who often go to the bakery to eat the cakes you put on the shelf. When they have enjoyed their favorite dish, the satisfaction value will increase and when it reaches the limit, the guest will level up. The higher the level, the more money they spend on your shop.


When you start Bonbon Cakery, there is only one basic chocolate cake in the store, so you have to open a new counter to display new items. From there you will attract many customers to your shop to eat or buy cakes. You can build a new switch in predefined locations. Also, you cannot leave it blank; You must order new items that you already have. If you want to find something new and unique, you need to create a new cake from existing ingredients. You will see these ingredients and find ways to combine them. After a while you create a new recipe for yourself and make sure the calories are right for your customers. The panel will evaluate the new product and if approved, you can sell it in your store. Each new type of cake is placed on a new counter.

Features :

* As a leader in new cooking and baking trends, Bonbon Cakery lets you explore and create unique recipes. This will be the trump card for you to continue your journey to become the baking king of the world.
* Impressive skills allow players to show the cooking process as a stage performance, which is extremely eye-catching.
* You can decorate and embellish it with decorations such as candies, chocolates to add impact and attractiveness.
* This baking masterpiece comes from Kairosoft, the father of amazing and vivid simulation games.
* Participate in great competitions, clash with famous chef kings in pastry war - conquering customers' culinary tastes is an essential task for you when you come to Bonbon Cakery.
* Efforts to earn many overwhelming rewards that can be items or cash.
* Use the collected money to buy new ingredients for freshly baked cakes.
* The ingredients come from the specialties of specific regions, so we always ensure the best possible taste and the best situations are packed and sent to you.
* If economic resources, human resources and prestige are enough, think of an offensive strategy to explore new potential markets.
* The Hall of Fame Challenge sends you a series of orders to be completed and shipped within a very stressful time.
* To improve and change the familiar taste of cakes and candies, dive into the recipe lab day.
* Open the door to welcome other players around the world to visit the confectionery.
* Unique Truck Sales theme moves freely to sell cakes even when you are sleeping.

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First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.