Bistro Heroes v4.12.1 MOD (Weak enemy) APK

Bistro Heroes v4.12.1 MOD (Weak enemy) APK


Developer :
Team Tapas

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Descriptions :

If you are a lover of RPG games and want to explore an absolutely mesmerizing world, then surely you will not ignore Bistro Heroes game with a cute world opening before your eyes. At the same time, you continue to work together with your heroes to complete missions and defeat various enemies to advance in the game. In addition, new events and skins are waiting for you to experience them.


In Bistro Heroes, players should not ignore the exciting event with many exciting things to explore. In particular, the Halloween event is taking place, and you certainly won't be able to ignore the unique summoning banners. Most banners provide you with new costumes and furniture that you can collect and help increase your character's power. In addition, if you have enough stars, you can trade in one of the skins available during the event.


The story that players experience in Bistro Heroes is that they see Coq au Vin and Ayran walking on a road and they are tired. But luck happened to them that they came across a restaurant that was still in operation. They asked for a portion of food but the restaurant ran out of ingredients. Therefore, these two characters will start finding ingredients to bring back to the restaurant owner. The interesting thing is that this is also the first step for the development of this restaurant.

You take part in many different levels of the game and collect the appropriate ingredients to cook certain dishes. You will see the dishes in the given list and in each dish you will see the level you have to pass. At the same time, each food has a different value and will help you earn a certain amount. Every passing citizen buys your groceries and pays you a corresponding amount.


When you need to find ingredients for your dishes in Bistro Heroes, start your journey to find them and face different enemies. They are forest animals with impressive growth rates. At the same time, you control the character to move sensibly around the game screen by touching the position on the screen where these two characters can move. Of course, when you approach an enemy, two girls will attack him if he is near them.

Besides defeating small enemies, big bosses are also a problem to take care of. Most of the time you have to prioritize attacking that enemy and then complete the level by taking out the remaining enemies. At the same time, you'll also find character-specific abilities like Coq au Vin, who focuses on ranged attacks with offensive abilities, and Ayran, a defensive and support character.


There are many ways you can power up your character in Bistro Heroes. The best way is that you can unlock costumes for the characters and buy furniture. At the same time, they add a certain number of statistics to the heroes you own. Additionally, in the upgrade section, you can also improve a specific stat and choose which stat you want to prioritize. Of course, you need a certain amount of money for the upgrade.

Features :

* Small, lightweight RPG to be enjoyed without additional downloads
* Different dishes with ingredients from a fantasy world
* Cute clothes and furniture that can be used freely to decorate heroes and the city
* Captivating story with a light novel feel
* Simple controls, easy to learn even for beginners
* Fairytale atmosphere and graphics

Bistro Heroes MOD features:

Damage Multiplier [x1 – x1000]
Attack Speed ​​Multiplier [x1 * x10]
god mode
Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Forests (always active)
Unlimited Stars (always active)

One Hit/God Mode: This MOD feature will make you an invincible warrior with extremely high damage ability. Any monster or even the boss can be killed with a single attack. Therefore, walking through this dark and dangerous forest was no longer a problem. Defeat all monsters and bring food to your restaurant.

Last words about Bistro Heroes

Bistro Heroes has an interesting story and challenging RPG gameplay, right? You will have great entertainment time when you experience it. Download the game using the links below the article and start your journey now!

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How to Download and Install Bistro Heroes?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.