Best Fiends Stars v12.9.1 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

Best Fiends Stars v12.9.1 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

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Developer :
Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.

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Descriptions :

From the creators of the famous Best Fiends, comes the latest puzzle title of Best Fiends Stars, in which Android gamers will have their chances to freely explore the addictive puzzle-solving challenges. Match and blast the shiny gems to overcome your match-three puzzle levels and progress through your interesting adventures in Best Fiends Stars.

Join your favorite characters from the previous Best Fiends game and experience the refreshed gameplay with better visuals, interesting boosters, and exciting puzzles. And at the same time, also discover a whole new adventure with our fiend friends, as they immerse themselves in one of the biggest adventures yet in this series.

Learn more about the awesome mobile title from Seriously Digital Entertainment and all of its interesting features with our comprehensive reviews.


Best Fiends Stars is a match-three game with charming characters that requires players to match at least three of the same things for them to burst. Best Fiends Stars has a highly appealing and diverse plot. It's a once-in-a-lifetime grand adventure with adorable heroes. One day, a shooting star that shone brightly across the sky fell on Friends village, scattering thousands of treasure meteors everywhere. You must beat all of the incredibly sinister and inhuman snails to obtain those jewels. As a result, you must assist the heroes in defeating the evil snails and collecting treasures. Join us on this exciting ride right now.


There are several challenges in this game. There will be obstacles and different conditions for players to win at each stage. Items in this game will continue to pile up at each stage, forcing players to think and figure out the best move. The game currently has over 500 levels of durability and comfort for players to use. When playing at a high level, a player can become stuck on a particular level for three days. The critical thing to remember in this game is that you will be limited to the number of times you can play, so if you want to keep playing, you must undoubtedly buy more lives in coins. Best Friends Stars has a lot of different gameplay options, which is definitely a plus. The player would almost certainly have to build groups of three or more similar tiles and bind them, and so on, and you win, or so they thought. As each stage of the game progresses, new characters will be unlocked, which is usually very significant. Attempt to solve all of the obstacles and kill the pretty bad snails. Hundreds of levels await you for all intents and purposes.


Best Fiends Stars, contrary to common opinion, is a game that the game maker creates very carefully with a large investment in graphics, eye-catching and fresh colors. Each color in the game represents various objects, information, and images in a significant way. Contrary to common opinion, the program also has a simple, stunning 3D graphics and interface system. The scene is basically really modern, honest, and very lively sounding, not to mention very humorously in a big way. In each fight, the player is often nervous and excited, which is very important for the most part. Users would certainly enjoy many new things when exploring locations in this game through the beautiful scenery with very green lawns, fairly deep blue water pretty full of pirate vessels, and so on, or so they figured.


While there are many colorful puzzle games, few have the personality that Best Fiends Stars does. This is a game in which players can use rockets and combine explosive operations to advance through the stages. Aside from that, players will interact with others by texting them and giving them gifts. It is a game with several different difficulty levels, collects stars and open treasures, and can be played offline or with everyone. According to the puzzle game genre, intelligence, Best Fiends Stars is currently a viral game by everybody. Unlike other games in the genre, this game stands out for its spectacular 3D graphics, innovative gameplay, and playful sound—as well as the many beautiful locations on each level. Best Friends Stars is one of the most exciting and amusing game styles. This game, in particular, has generally become one of the most exciting, top-ranked games that players can Selection, thanks to meticulous design and care by the team of game design and development. Let's get started on this exciting and essentially exciting battle; all exciting stuff will be subtly reunited in this game.

Features :

Simple yet addictive puzzle solving game

First of all, Android gamers can quickly engage in this simple yet extremely addictive puzzle adventure gameplay in Best Fiends Stars. With simple touch controls, intuitive interfaces and undemanding in-game experiences, you can always immerse yourself in the mobile title without any hassles.

Endless puzzles that follow the stories

And for those of you who are interested, in Best Fiends Stars you can now explore more than 500 different fun and exciting puzzle levels, each offering its own unique challenges and in-game experiences for Android users. Feel free to explore the easy first levels that will quickly introduce you to Best Fiends Stars gameplay. And with increasing levels of difficulty in the following levels, you can always have absolute fun with Best Fiends Stars and never get bored with the game.

Useful boosters to play with

Throughout the game, Android players in Best Fiends Stars can also take advantage of the powerful boosters and power-ups that give them interesting powers and explosive temporary buffs. With unique perks and abilities, you can take full advantage of these available buffs to fully enjoy the fantastic gameplay of Best Fiends Stars and conquer the in-game challenges.

Explore your ultimate runs in the Star League

And for those of you interested, you can also join the Star League in Best Fiends Stars to compete in your own ultimate runs. Just remember that you must complete all story levels before unlocking the Star League. Here you can enjoy your endless runs and play the game to strive for your own records and special rewards.

Tons of cute characters to collect

To make the gaming experiences more fun and interesting, Best Fiends Stars users are now allowed to play their match 3 puzzles while interacting with cute characters of our Fiends friends. Have fun building your ultimate team of Best Fiends and use their unique powers to guide you through in-game challenges.

Join friends and online players

Here in Best Fiends Stars, Android gamers can now connect with friends or online gamers from around the world to unlock new multiplayer gameplay. Feel free to make new friends, invite each other to team challenges, give gifts and discover many online experiences. With 100 million Best Fiends gamers from all over the world, Android gamers can always enjoy their ultimate team challenges, immersive chats and lots of interactions with real gamers in Best Fiends Stars.

Explore the vast worlds

With the huge world of Best Fiends Stars that can be enjoyed by all Android gamers along with the endless and exciting in-game levels, the game will allow you to always enjoy playing your puzzle solving challenges in the lands of Minutia to have. Get ready to explore new locations with their new interactions and in-game adventures. All this ensures that you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Play offline from anywhere

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the amazing Best Fiends Stars mobile title from anywhere thanks to offline gameplay now available to all players. There is no need to turn on mobile data or look for active Wi-Fi connections just to start playing as you can always access the mobile title and have fun on the go and from anywhere.

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