Beggar life 3 store tycoon v1.3.5 Mod (Unlimited Money) Apk

Description :
Beggar life 3
is a tap simulator that, despite its unpretentious hand-drawn appearance, is a worthwhile way to have some great free time. The main character, who has nothing, will gradually climb the corporate ladder, gain knowledge and experience, start a business, invest in development, improve certain skills and directly affect the development of the city. Turn a dilapidated settlement into a thriving community. Great variety and variability, certain freedom of choice and easy control make the game a quality representative of its category.
Features :
* [Make money]: tap the screen or build a business like tycoon game and sell products to customers.
* [Beggar Power]: Improve your knocking skills and earn money faster.
* [Shop]: You can build and operate shops to sell various foods.
* [Part-time workers]: Hire part-time workers to work in your business.
* [Customer]: As you update your customers, the automatic visit rate increases so that you can enjoy the game in peace.

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