Beat Shooter Gunshots Game v2.2.2 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Beat Shooter Gunshots Game v2.2.2 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Badsnowball Limited

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Descriptions :

Shooting games, anything new?

First person shooter (FPS) games are already too familiar to game addicts. All platforms have tons of different FPS games. Shoot at people, shoot at fruit, shoot at animals... The developers bring everything that can be shot into their games. So if it was called a "cool, unique" FPS shooter at that point, it was almost impossible.

Beat shooter for Android

Only with a different approach can you enter and survive in this genre. Personally, I always overestimate the game studios that dare to remake this shooter game. But that's not enough for me personally to download and actually play it.

I came across Beat Shooter – Gunshots Rhythm Game by accident. Thanks once… download. Run downstairs to get some food and back to see how this game plays out. When I see there is a dark logo, I open it to play. And the war with my addict has begun.

My first impression, Beat Shooter is classic but not dated. There is no violence, no blood, no enemies. This music shooter is very smooth and has a trendy style that surprises me quite a bit. It's like admiring a collection of CK tokens in mid-2021. Still holding the gun, still shooting, but we're going to shoot the cubes that appear on the screen. Sounds easy, but as you play, you'll understand why it's addictive.

Why? Since it does not shoot normally, the swing arm looks extremely sophisticated and stylish. Since the feeling of shooting is never the same in every scene depending on the type of weapon, the grip is chosen before the background music of every scene. This combined trio lets both joy and joy always reign. And that's why we're always curious as children when we're preparing for the next round: we don't know what music is waiting for us, we don't know which wallpaper is coming and which weapon to choose.

Stunning graphics

What I like next is the graphics. The hip hop style has now been quite skillfully mixed with the modern design. Everything is compressed, minimalist and easy on the eyes. The dice have a variety of shapes and colors, how they fall, and how they look different in each scene so they don't get boring. Hidden behind the screen, I temporarily named the "cover" of the game's music. Depending on the rhythm and style of each song, the "dance" style of the dice is different.

I like more "bad hand". The previous music shooter game I played didn't see the weapon form that clearly. So I'm quite surprised with Beat Shooter.

But that's not all, players also clearly see how to hold their weapons. You can also select some weapon models. As you collect enough points along the way, it will automatically update to keep up with the increasing speed of these "devil" dice. By the way, do you see the word "easy to play" in this game? This is a trap, get up and know it.

music is fantastic

Ultimately, of course, it's all about the music. I haven't replayed, so I don't know if the music appears randomly or not in the fixed order available. I remember round 2. The song played gave me goosebumps because I hadn't heard it in a long time. The same theme, but your emotions will constantly change thanks to the music and rhythm in each round of combat. That's also why this niche game genre has been made a lot, but each game has its own beauty and coexistence that rarely disappoints players.

Features :

* SIMPLE game control experiences
* Amount of songs to satisfy different tastes (over 100 songs will be updated)
* A wide range of weapons to choose from

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