Battle Disc v1.7.16 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Battle Disc v1.7.16 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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SayGames Ltd

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Descriptions :

Battle Disc (Unlimited Coins) – casual arcade game with physical elements, in which your task is to launch a disc on the playing field in such a way as to destroy the enemy's defenses, which, however, are made up of different blocks , should be considered become that if your opponent can catch the grenade, your base will be attacked. And so you will find many levels and of course a system of achievements and bonuses that you can use during the game. Dynamic gameplay, minimalistic graphics and a physical model make Battle Disc an excellent time killer.


This is just a famous discus throwing game; Players are tasked with throwing their discs to break through the opponent's defenses. After breaking through a piece of the fence, you have the opportunity to reach the goal on the other side. Your big goal is to collect the enemy's gold coins when you pass these disks. The game always requires that every roll be correct.

The hard part of Battle Disc is throwing to knock down your opponent's fence while keeping your fence intact. Because every player, if you focus on two aspects, it will be difficult, if you see a weak opponent, you must win. This battle takes place over a period of time; If you win within the timeframe above, you are the real winner.


When throwing discs, let the opponent know, as the opponent can perform tricks, e.g. B. set a time bomb or possibly be an obstacle. If your disc hits a bomb or other obstacle, you lose your turn in a discus throw. Your goal is to collect as many enemy gold coins as possible. You have these benefits too, and on top of that you own even more unique items.


The higher the level, the more complex the difficulty and you need to be highly concentrated in each match. The more discs you can eliminate, the more likely you are to survive and win. It's important to avoid the unexpected, like back attacks or even accidentally breaking your record. The difficulties just keep getting bigger and that's when you put a lot of focus on solving the challenges. What's more interesting is that Battle Disc offers you a wide range of unique solving features that come with it to show your own charm.

Features :

Simple and easy to play

First off, Battle Disc allows Android players to quickly engage with the simple and accessible mobile title. No explanations and tutorials are needed here because you will understand the game as soon as you play it. Just move your characters around the map and create anchor points to shoot your disc in any direction. With flexible touch controls and interactive movements, it's not difficult for you to immediately engage and enjoy the game.

Lots of interesting levels to keep you busy

Throughout the game, Android gamers have a chance to enjoy endless battle disc levels with exciting gameplay and addictive in-game experiences. Feel free to engage in the exciting gameplay of battle disc simulation as you find your game harder and harder over time. This should keep you engaged with the mobile title for as long as you like.

Various locations to unlock and conquer

Here in Battle Disc, Android gamers can enjoy their addictive gameplay of disc battles in many different locations, each with their own unique level sets and many new in-game mechanics. Also, enjoy fighting the new enemies that come with new traits and abilities to use against you. Make sure you get used to the new environments and learn to use their key elements to help you fight the better opponents.

Feel free to customize the gameplay

For those of you who are interested, Battle Disc lets you freely customize your characters and discs, allowing you to enjoy the game in your own way. From choosing a new color to putting many unique skins on your heroes, have fun choosing which Battle Disc heroes to play with. Use the interesting weapons like shuriken, yoyo, boomerang and many others to win the game. These unique visual elements are sure to make Battle Disc much more dynamic and fun.

Unlock special discs with unique powers

At the same time, you can also unlock many special discs, each of which has its own unique powers that can be activated for a short time to give you many advantages over your opponents. Feel free to engage in the awesome mobile title, use Thor's awesome hammer, timer bomb, imbued shuriken, captain's shield and many unique weapons to defeat your tough opponents.

Enjoy online gameplay with PVP arena

To make the game more exciting, Battle Disc also offers its interesting PVP arena for Android players to enjoy with friends and online players. Feel free to engage in the awesome matchups, explore the epic in-game features and have absolute fun with its features. Put your skills to the test with the truly experienced Battle Disc players in real-time matchups whenever you want.

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How to Download and Install Battle Disc?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.