AU2 Mobile-EN v18.3 MOD (Auto Perfect) APK

AU2 Mobile-EN v18.3 MOD (Auto Perfect) APK

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AU Dance

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If the player is a 9x generation, you will surely know the popularity of the once famous game called Audition. This game soon became one of the most popular games of its time and has become a monument to this day. And if you want to relive childhood memories, come to the game AU2 Mobile. This game is considered to be an unofficial version, but it still offers players a lot of great experiences. From the gameplay counting feature, all are in no way inferior to the original version of the game.


The gameplay of this game will still be similar to the player as in the previous versions of this game on the mobile platform. On the computer, the player has to use the directional keys to play the game. But of course there is no mechanical keyboard on the phone like in a laptop, so this game will replace the mechanical keyboard with the player's screen. The playstyle has also been completely changed to fit the mobile platform. Bright dots appear on the screen that players must touch to play the game. It sounds easy, doesn't it? But to do this, players will have to react quickly in order not to miss them. Since the time in which they appear is so short, they will disappear in less than a second if the player isn't quick. If the player misses even once, the song is no longer perfect. AU2 Mobile (MOD, Auto Perfect) *** In a match, the player has to face many other players to compete for the first rank. This game doesn't have too much competition as the players who come to this game are all designed to experience music and dance moves. So, in-game rank is just something that gives players motivation to do well in the game. So players don't have to worry about their rank in the game and just do their best. There are many different types in the game, not just one dot for players to click. They appear continuously and the player must touch the correct position for the character to dance in the game. Sometimes there are some things in the game that people need to do more than just touch the screen to complete them. There are times when players need to press and swipe or press and hold; This will create more interesting things for players.

When it comes to what gave Audition its name, music is one of the most important things. When approaching, this game is similar to the original version. This game offers players a lot of the latest music for users to experience. The update speed of the game is breakneck and just released, the title will be updated immediately for players to experience.

This game has many different costumes that players can use to decorate their characters. Players can buy them from the store to use them, but it comes at a small price. The dresses and other costumes are designed uniquely and fashionably, and players can even learn from them.


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