Age of History II Asia v1.01586_ELA MOD (Mod Money) APK

Age of History II Asia v1.01586_ELA MOD (Mod Money) APK

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Developer :
Ɓukasz Jakowski

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Descriptions :

Age of History II Asia - continuation of the turn-based global strategy game in which the player returns to the Asian region ruled by one of the states. At this time, users have even more opportunities to conquer the territories of other countries. As in the last part, it is possible here to approach the realm of military or diplomatic means, in addition there are other sophisticated ways to expand the borders. Do not forget that the opponents can be stealthy, so the governor should be careful and attentive.


Perhaps at the beginning of Age of History II, participants will be surprised by the appearance of the device screen of the world map with many extremely accurate historical boundaries. And this is the key point of this game and players will use the card throughout the participation in the game. The world map is of enormous importance to the participants when working on the tasks. The in-game map in particular is precisely engraved down to the smallest detail.

In addition to supporting players in completing tasks, it also has the purpose of imparting world geographic knowledge to many participants. Regardless of the mission, the player must also consult the map to orientate the enemy's position and plan sensible attacks. Using bright and bold colors is a clever way to represent the publisher's card image. By observing the map, players can easily control their troops and create the perfect plan.


The best thing about a typical strategy game is generating accurate information for the player, and that's what Age of History II does. Regarding the game, the participants are most satisfied that the information from the publisher is too clear and accurate. When participating in missions, players don't have to speculate about the information they're wondering about, just watch it on the screen. The main example is observing through the screen the countries participating in the world war at a given moment. Information such as the name of the country, the national flag, the number of soldiers are displayed extremely intuitively via the device screen. In addition, the game system also creates statistical tables on the number of soldiers killed and the remaining number to easily develop tactics.


Controlling and winning the war is not easy. But it's also a cool and new challenge for those who love the mission that the game entails. Age of History II provides the ability to create international military plans, and the player's control will affect the state of the whole world. A world of peace or endless bloodshed depends on the player's choices in the mission battles. Players will learn about human history over hundreds of years with the development of many explosive events worldwide.

As each era begins, major events explode, requiring the player's decision to stop evil in order to create a peaceful world. Participants must use sensible and intelligent diplomacy to resolve conflicts in countries around the world.


When participating in the game, the ultimate goal of the player is to create a unified world order. Every country in the world enjoys peace, prosperity and happiness. However, is it easy to get to? Definitely not, as this is an all-out international war that requires participants to use smart policies to complete the tasks. To bring peace to the world, players must simultaneously use all their might to think strategically to defeat factions with dark intentions and cause disorder.

Players can present important documents like the peace treaty to build a consensus to stop acts of sabotage and wars worldwide. Players will gain a wealth of knowledge from many civilizations around the world and valuable historical knowledge.

Join Age of History II and use tactics and plan to bring the World War to a happy ending. Players gain beneficial and practical knowledge of military, diplomacy, history, and geography. Players need combat skills and control soldiers to fight using the world map. Changes to the game will create new stories and interesting outcomes in the game.

Features :

* Detailed world map with many historical borders
* Deeper diplomatic system between civilizations
* peace treaties
* revolutions
* Create your own history with the in-game editors
* Hotseat, play with as many players as there are civs in the scenario!
* terrain types
* More detailed diversity of populations
* Complete the game in time lapse

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