Ice Scream 6 Friends Charlie v1.0.1 Mod Menu Apk

Ice Scream 6 Friends Charlie v1.0.1 Mod Menu Apk

Adventure , Games

Developer :
Keplerians Horror Games

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Description :
Ice Scream 6 Friends Charlie
is the logical continuation of an excellent adventure game series with horror notes. The project gradually acquires not only plot details and unexpectedly revealed secrets from the life of the villains, but also new ways to play. This enables players a lot more than before. This means that they will face a serious intensity of events, risky walks through the kidnappers' territory, participating in mini-games, solving puzzles, meeting new characters and even more dangerous enemies, trying to rescue children in trouble, and much more will surely captivate fans of the genre as well as this universe.
Features :
* Character Switching System: Switch between playing as J. and Charlie so you can explore different areas depending on your character.
* New enemy: face the new super robot in this chapter. Additionally, the Mini Rods will guard the ice cream factory and try to stop you from running away, and will alert Rods when they see you. Prove your mastery by dodging them and running away.
* Fun puzzles: Solve awesome puzzles to reunite with your friends.
* Mini-game: Complete the most exciting puzzle in this chapter in the form of a mini-game.
* Original soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the Ice Scream universe with unique music to the beat of the saga and voices recorded exclusively for the game.
* Hint system: Should you get stuck, a sophisticated hint window full of options is available to you to solve the puzzles based on your play style.

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