Ice Scream 6 Friends Charlie v1.2.1 MOD (Mod menu) APK

Ice Scream 6 Friends Charlie v1.2.1 MOD (Mod menu) APK

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Developer :
Keplerians Horror Games

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Descriptions :

Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie is another horror sequel with classic gameplay, in which the player once again has to face the tricks of the iceman and other evil characters. After saving Mike in the last part, the main character Jay now has to save his other friend - Charlie. Switching between characters, the user solves quests, moves around locations, and faces villains. During the passage, players will have new weapons and items at their disposal, and they will also be waiting for new interesting puzzles and mini-games.


Outside, two friends are watching the factory robot and looking for the holes so you can get out quickly. It would help if you remain calm before they discover your existence. This robot has keen eyes filled with lasers to detect anomalies. So if we get their eyes, we'll die instantly.

The unique thing about this game is that you can easily swap positions with either of the two friends on that person's side. The purpose of trading is to find these solutions. This is a modern day ice factory and the only option is to code the mini sticks to complete the challenge. There will be a great challenge that we must face.


In this game, players must transform into mini rods to avoid all of the robot's eyes. We will complete the challenge by moving the lever to catch the correct ice cream. Since this is not your job, it is quite normal that you will experience some limitations and side effects. Please perform the job well to be able to get help from the game.

A special feature of this game is that the challenge increases over time and you have to master it as cleverly as possible. Moving the lever will also take a lot of time to create mechanical fluidity. Also, the robot monitors your every activity, so it's difficult to continue the game when there's a small gap. Hints appear constantly in the game to help you escape easily.


After the robot gets distracted, the player takes the opportunity to make a quick escape. Being free means that the task assigned to you has been successfully completed. But before you can step out into the outside world, you have to fight against the harsh rulers here. Use weapons with which you can hurt them to escape.

Here, Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie gave us breathless moments. A little fear of the environment, good coordination and intrigue to solve the situation are included in this game. It is you who dare to sustain life in this giant ice cream factory and it is also thanks to you that we see admirable survivability.

Features :

* Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie will show you a unique survivability skill like no other.
* Stuck in the middle of a large factory and you need to handle the situation wisely before being spotted.
* Outsmart the robot by using its sophisticated skills and mastering the assigned challenge.
* Use the game's big hints and take advantage of additional useful perks to get out.
* Fight hard with all those who manage to escape from this huge ice cream factory.
* Coordinate well with all your friends to find the most effective way out.

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