Zombie Hunter Killing Games v3.0.65 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Zombie Hunter Killing Games v3.0.65 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Viva Games Studios

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In Zombie Hunter Sniper: Apocalypse Shooting Games, a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies appears, and you are the one in charge of defeating them to earn as much money as possible. The game has a diverse weapon system similar to other shooter games and a mode to try a new weapon. In addition, you also have to optimize the performance of these weapons to complete the game screen well.

General information
Zombie Hunter Sniper is one of the best zombie themed games. The game that comes with your mission is to grab your gun, aim for the head and kill the undead wandering around to stop the deadly virus infection. Zombie Hunter Sniper brings with it a variety of weapons that you can use to attack zombies.

Your mission in Zombie Hunter Sniper is very high. You are the only one who is able to stop the death wave that exists everywhere, destroy the massacre and zombie tsunami, survive and save humanity. Deadly viral pandemics are spreading across the world, humanity is in danger, grab a gun and show your sniper skills to destroy them.

Players enter a post-apocalyptic world where zombie waves happen very quickly and spread all over the world. The cause comes from a pandemic of unknown origin, and that's why the rate of spread is quite terrible as the number of zombies increases. Since then, a mission has been sent to the commandos to go to areas with zombies with the weapons they have, in order to defeat them and save the people who are chasing them. In addition, they will receive a reward upon completion.

In Zombie Hunter Sniper, transform into these commandos with all your weapons to defeat the required number of enemies. You will not be a target for these enemies to aim at you or move. In particular, they appear in many different areas, e.g. B. above the building or on the street corner. What these areas have in common is that you can get a complete overview and pinpoint moving enemies.

You will start to experience the gameplay of this game and the first time the levels will be in campaign mode. The goal of this mode is completely understandable, that you have to defeat the zombies that appear. At the same time, the number of zombies that need to be destroyed is clearly displayed at the top of the screen. It is also important that you know when you can complete the level and the final objective is defeated. The enemy's bullet effect will also change.

You control the character from the first-person perspective and do not move because your position is fixed. In addition, you only change the camera to see the surroundings with complete clarity and aim with absolute precision at the opponent. In addition, as the name of this game suggests, players will be familiar with the sniper first, and over time your shooting and aiming skills will increase. The target you are aiming at is also easy to determine its direction of movement.

Although the sniper is the weapon you see in the game's name, it's not the ultimate weapon and is only used by the character. In addition to snipers, you can also find rifles and even bazookas to take out multiple enemies at once. From there, the player's experience can change and spend time improving their shooting skills. You won't be using just one weapon, as the game supports primary weapons and secondary weapons.

One of the features that you will love is that you will buy many different weapons to defeat your zombies. You will spend time earning money by completing each level, and it is undoubtedly a long process to complete. In addition, at each level you will find information such as the amount of money you will receive or the firepower requirements that you must meet for your weapon.


* Use your sniper weapon to hunt zombies. Aim from a rooftop, helicopter, or street. Kill your target and use supplies to help yourself in war. How many zombies can you defeat? Zombie Hunter: Killing Games is an amazing FPS game!
* Earn coins to upgrade your weapon's power, zoom or stability. You can also buy new ones: crossbow, bazooka, new sniper rifles, attack helicopters, revolvers... Play in special missions to unlock them.
* Shoot special crates in each level and unlock dogs to help you hunt zombies. Use them to locate and stop the undead. Consume various supplies to improve the girl's stats. A perfect option for shooting games lovers!
* Stop zombies before they reach innocent people. They will try to escape so kill the undead as fast as you can. Use your weapons according to the situation and try to stop the war.
* The better you play, the better rewards you get. Get headshots and don't miss any targets to get extra coins. The dead will fear your sniping skills! An authentic and realistic survival game.

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