Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon v1.7.3 MOD (Money/diamonds) APK

Descriptions :

The world is stunned by the outbreak of the virus. All the facilities in the city have been reduced to ruins and now zombies have ravaged everywhere. It changes a number of people and infects them with dangerous diseases. When you take part in Zombie Hospital you have to come up with a strategy not to fight but to find a way to cure a bunch of people infected with the virus. Find a cure for zombies to turn them back into humans. Are you ready for the management and healing of everyone in this world? Become the idle tycoon of the hospital and start your job now.

Zombie Hospital Tycoon Unlimited Money and gems

It's time to realize that you should do something to prevent the outbreak and spread of a zombie pandemic in the community. Players should build hospital facilities so they can monitor the infection status of people in the post-apocalyptic zombie world. That could stop the virus from entering the zombie hospital world. When you come to this game you have to be careful to develop and improve the services in the hospital in order to improve the quality of treatment in the best possible way. The first is the drug refinery area, making it the best place in the hospital.

Players must ensure that every area, every corner of your hospital is always clean. It always makes the mood of patients and staff comfortable and helps to transform the disease in a positive direction. One thing you should pay attention to right at the beginning of the game. You should think carefully about the steps, and make the hospital feel more comfortable than at home, buying a variety of home appliances, such as TVs, sofas, and even guitars to play by the fireplace. Once there, your patient will be happy and rise from the monster within.


You can't do everything on your own in Zombie Hospital and get perfect scores. The player cannot manage the hospital and at the same time develop good strategies and cure the disease. In order to be able to carry out the treatment in the hospital faster, you should hire a lot of staff. Make sure the people you hire have specific positions and skills. Depending on the strategy and the staff's contribution to the hospital, they offer many different options. Players can set and fire them for many different positions, and it can be medical staff, scientists, caretakers...


Zombies, it's something that scares people and it's also the most dangerous pathogen. You have to distribute the work to everyone so that they take proper care of the patients in the zombie hospital. Otherwise, when they get angry, you can't control them. They can bite the entire hospital, and then even the medical staff is an ominous pathogen. Always take patients strategically and let them play and eat properly.


Every element of the hospital that you own in this game is related to the quality of the utility room. If you invest wisely in hospital services, I'm sure everyone's safety, including yours, will be assured. In fact, players should upgrade, develop, and maintain powers to improve every room in the hospital. Keep an eye on everything from the recreation area, especially control the amount of medicines left in inventory. Everything you have to do in this game is great fun.


Become a hospital tycoon in Zombie Hospital - the best healing simulation game. With all your intelligence and what you learn in this game, you will quickly become a hospital magnate. Make money and get rich quick. Because the government looks forward to your clinics and is willing to pay a lot of money if they cure people.

Features :

* Prevent zombie invasions by tracking down patients, upgrading the labs that make potions, and buying additional items.
* Hire a variety of employees with different positions for effective healing, assign them specific tasks and fire them if they make a critical mistake.
* Strictly manage all aspects of the hospital to avoid a significant outbreak, then everyone in the hospital, including staff, can be a source of disease.
* Invest wisely in internal services, using this money to build more entertainment facilities and constantly improve medical services.
* In this simulation game, government is counting on your clinics, become hospital tycoon and make money by healing zombies.

Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon MOD Features:

Unlimited Money
Unlimited Diamonds
(never decrease when you spent)

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How to Download and Install Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.