Zombie Forest HD Survival v1.42 MOD (Hero high level) APK

Zombie Forest HD Survival v1.42 MOD (Hero high level) APK

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Developer :
Alexander Tavintsev

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Description :
Zombie Forest HD Survival - Strategic survival in a post zombie apocalypse world. With each new day, the walking dead become more and the main character must protect your life from their attacks. For this he must build and fortify a shelter, gather resources in the form of food, water, supplies and ammunition to craft useful tools. All this will help repel a zombie attack of fifty different types every day. Also in the Asylum the character can place Wards and Looters, so he has to be vigilant with them.

Looking for friends
You can win in small wars. If you come with many zombies, you will fall. Even with strong firepower, it is not possible to prevent them all. It's what threatens you, there's a group of survivors looking for supplies in the forest. They helped you through a game, this group of people quickly became your teammates. No more fatigue after attacking each monster. Because you have now added smart players. Surrounding each other, those who are strong will be solid firepower for the weak. Rebuilding the fortress again will expand the area for easier operation.

Make a battle plan
On such a basis, meticulous tactics are essential. No matter how strong the army is, it cannot be taken hard against hard. You can get badly hurt and lost, but the monsters aren't even stronger. Therefore, after each action, you go to a meeting to discuss with each other. The first is to create traps right in the back lane. Monsters that concede a goal are treated by this trap. Then there's the battle plan, arrange a neat formation with low firepower that will be surrounded by heavy equipment. That would be the perfect combination in battles. Join Zombie Forest HD: Survival and fight hard.

Enjoy the feeling of victory after every battle. Zombie Forest HD: Survival brings everyone the most fun. A special life in the apocalypse is waiting for you to discover it. Download Zombie Forest HD: Survival Mod uses top-notch tactics to confront zombies.

Game features:
* 50 types of zombies and survivors;
* 13 weapon types (pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns);
* protective fortifications (wooden, stone and iron blocks, spikes, circular saws);
* Mining equipment (animal traps, rain filters);
* Weapon parameters improvement;
* exchange of resources and weapons;
* procedurally generated raid locations;
* Meetings with raiders and neutral groups;
* random events that make survival much easier or more difficult;
* global directory of records;
* the overall level of the game, which increases with each death.

Online mode:
* Instead of a tree now the house, with the possibility of building additional rooms;
* The number of people is limited by the number of rooms (2 people per room);
* People and buildings can be moved freely, both inside and outside the house;
* Shelters can be repaired;
* Humans have experience, levels and improved traits;
* the playing field has become wider, now you can swipe it left and right;
* added new buildings (fire, fences, fuel generator, electric fence, mine, barbed wire);
* Diesel generator can stop;
* Added zombie pins;
* the way of catching zombies in the form of gun tranquilizers;
* captured zombies can be upgraded by feeding them to other zombies;
* captured zombies can be used to attack other people's camps;
* There are now 3 types of locations on the raid map: destroyed houses, foreign bases, and locations for catching zombies;
* Before attacking bases or destroyed houses, you can examine them first and assess the chances.
* The exchange has been completely redesigned: now the merchant can have a weapon, the amount of resources is limited and changes every day, you can add different types of resources during the exchange;
* The raid can only be committed once a day, but already in the raid it is possible to change the map;
* The number of actions is not limited to the number of people;
* In the absence of cartridges, people fight with rifle butts;
* People may not have time to use the first aid kit;
* if all people die * you lose all weapons, start the game from day one with the new survivor, but the resources and buildings remain in place.

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