Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD (Mod Ammo/Free Shopping) APK

Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD (Mod Ammo/Free Shopping) APK

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Developer :
Airblade Studio

3.7/5 - (3 votes)

Descriptions :

Zombie Combat Simulator is a game where players will face powerful zombies with the help of other players. Depending on the characteristics of the game screen that the player selects, many tactics can appear, and the number of zombies will also change. At the same time, players have a variety of weapons to choose from and a sandbox system to test their strength against zombies.


Indeed, when you experience Zombie Combat Simulator you will have a strong feeling and urge to fight the enemies that keep appearing. They are absolutely powerful zombies and always try to destroy the enemy. So your task is to coordinate with other players and become the last survivors with the weapons you have. In fact, many challenges await players and make them unable to take their eyes off the game.

The control method used by the player in this game is fully detailed and requires specific customization for the player. In other words, you'll try to master these controls because once you're in an official game, you won't have time to explore. In addition, some levels require certain fast rhythms to keep your life alive in the game and go to other places with your teammates.


A feature that every player needs to know when starting Zombie Combat Simulator is that zombies are downright dangerous. The number changes depending on the level you choose and of course they use every moment to attack you. In particular, their number will be quite large, the movement speed will be the same as that of the player, and if you don't move or don't have a weapon, they will attack you one by one until you are defeated.

You have to be careful when you don't have enough ammo and should ask other players for help. You can restore your ammo while other players attack and support each other until the level is complete. Aside from helping, some games also require you to be careful not to fail every level as the number of kills is limited and affects the results the player gets.

One of the modes where you will feel the thrill of fighting a lot of zombies is the evacuation mode. Players will gather with a group of other players, and everyone will know where to move. At the same time, a large number of zombies are always hot on their heels, so you'll try to go to a predetermined position to complete the level before the entire team is completely defeated.


In addition to the multiplayer modes, you will find a sandbox mode in Zombie Combat Simulator and you can certainly do whatever you want. You will find controls to set up the game environment and have the freedom to use zombies and soldier characters. At the same time, these characters will attack automatically when put on the field, and you adjust the power level accordingly to see the required results.

Thanks to the experiments in this mode, you'll know how resilient soldiers and zombies are when attacked. It is necessary to have offensive tactics in the face of powerful enemies constantly chasing you. At the same time, the number of weapons with different characteristics is also a factor that must be taken into account with different destructive power. So this is sure to be a game you can't ignore.

Features :

* You will take part in battles with other players and destroy the zombies that are constantly approaching you.
* There are many levels with different objectives to choose from and you will surely feel the fear and power of zombies.
* The number of supporting players will be diverse and you will feel more confident accompanying them and developing interesting strategies.
* Besides the multiplayer stages, players can use the sandbox mode to test the strength of the soldiers against zombies.
* The number of weapons that players can choose from is completely different depending on their mode and their ability to destroy the enemy.

Zombie Fighting Simulator MOD features:

* Free purchase


You can buy items with real money for free, regardless of the actual transaction.

Last words about Zombie Combat Simulator

Is Zombie Combat Simulator worth playing? You will have your answer after reading this short review. Those who love the theme of zombies bombing everything without playing this game it's a waste.

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How to Download and Install Zombie Combat Simulator?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.