Zero City last bunker on earth MOD v1.49.1 APK

Zero City last bunker on earth MOD v1.49.1 APK

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Developer : B.V.

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After watching many movies and webseries in zombie and fiction genre, nowadays, we have created realistic thoughts about these dead brains. If you haven't streamed a single movie based on zombies, you must be 1% of the total world population. Almost everyone knows about zombies, their lifestyle and everything related to them. Zombies are those affected by mutated virus turned into dead brains and wandering streets to eat people.

The game begins with an experimental laboratory spreading a virus created for bioengineering across the world. This experimental virus turns the population into zombies before evolving into another type and infecting more and more people. The zombies are diverse. For example, some are just walking corpses, while others have intelligence and superhuman strength. Significantly, there will be one particularly skilled zombie who controls the rest as leader.

Build and manage the refuge
It is important to build and improve rooms for defense. So you can have the workers build permanent shelters, which is essential. During the lull between fights, you really need your own lair to hide out. Therefore, you must focus on upgrading these refugees to make them safer and more efficient, allowing you to help more survivors than ever before.

Develop the number of residents
In order to maintain the number of survivors and develop more residents, you need to keep them busy with work. More precisely, you will teach them some innovative skills so that they can improve their position. In addition, you also give them space so that they know what knowledge they have acquired. Training dwellers is also crucial if you want them to be better at using weapons and gear.

Select equipment
To fight against zombie attack, you need to equip useful weapons and so on. In this game, players are allowed to craft some effective weapons and equipment for their own army. You lead your team to pass all the trials along with the New World and survive by fully utilizing the available arsenal. Remember that your team will face a hundred battles of mutant fanatics and zombies.

Interesting monetization
Zero City is monetized with video ads, a premium pass, and in-game bundles. When you run out of food, you have the option to watch video ads to refill the food. Watching ads will also help you get free character cards, free crates, or even skip your dwellers' training sessions.


* Shelter management and base building in zombie survival simulator game.
Build and upgrade rooms to create an impregnable safehouse, city and base. Prepare your last base and refuge for survival on Earth every day after sunset! Build a variety of defensive structures and decide which combination of defenses is the most effective! The goal of this survival simulator game is to protect your citizens, your city and your state!

* Citizen development simulation.
In these dark times, every survivor counts and everyone will have something to do to protect your base from hordes of zombies until dawn! Teach the bunker residents new skills, improve them and let them show you what they have learned in practice! It's your last chance for survival on Earth, so be prepared every day after sunset! Zombie attacks are on the loose!

* Choice of equipment.
Craft effective weapons and equipment, arm and dress your squad for the last fight on earth with zombies until dawn every day!

* Zombie multiplayer, PVP and sandbox
We're not the only survivors, but only the fittest survive the apocalypse, right? Manage a powerful invincible squad to dominate your enemies in the arena tournament or in attacks on other shelters and the base. Show the others in this zombie city who's calling the shots in the open global confrontation of the state! Be the master of battle in this survival zombie simulator and sandbox game!

* Story driven campaign & RPG zombie survival simulator game and sandbox.
Lead your squad through all the trials of the new world and survive with all available arsenal! There are hundreds of battles with hordes of mutant fanatics ahead of your brave fighters. Any day after sunset can be the last chance on earth! Fight your city and global state from zombies until dawn!

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