Worm Hunt Slither snake game v3.7.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Worm Hunt Slither snake game v3.7.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Wild Spike

4.3/5 - (24 votes)

Descriptions :

Worm Hunt offers you an interesting gameplay where the worms constantly compete with each other and grow big. The game offers you many game modes to choose from, and the safe zone element can be found in the battle royale mode. At the same time, the number of events taking place in the game is impressive and offers a lot of interesting skins that you cannot ignore.


In the new version of Worm Hunt, players will find interesting changes, and of course one point that will catch your eye is the number of rewards. Match rewards are increased, and the people who can enjoy these privileges are those who are at the top of the leaderboard. As such, this can be seen as an incentive for players to compete with others as they demonstrate their skills.


Players return to fully accessible gameplay in Worm Hunt, where they control a worm and fight other players for survival. At the same time, in this game you can also easily find different mechanics and try to adapt them to become a survivor in a totally fierce battle. Using a joystick for detailed controls and sensible movement, you control your worm to avoid hitting other worms.

Players will watch worms move around in a 2D environment and there are many items to find and pick up. At the same time, the number of objects you can pick up is scattered around the area and requires you to constantly move. Everyone will be wary of worms and many factors depending on which mode they choose. Therefore, this is a game that demonstrates control skills and uses different strategies in each game mode.


Players need to be careful in Worm Hunt first because they may face other worms. A player is stopped when their worm hits another worm and disappears. At the same time, this will probably be beneficial, since the items picked up by a defeated worm will fall, and anyone can pick it up to increase its size. So size in this game will sometimes create an advantage.

At the beginning of the game screen, the player chooses from two modes: Endless and Battle Royale. As far as endless goes, there's no factor stopping you from getting big and using movement strategies to give other players your size a hard time. You will compete with other players trying to be the last survivor and the number of participants is completely different.

The next game mode will make you love and own the features of the famous battle royale genre. In particular, you will continue the gameplay similar to the endless mode above, but there is one thing you need to know and that is the safe zone. You will receive a notification of how much time is left before the security zone is continuously tightened. Of course, everyone needs to be on the move, and the smaller the environment, the faster the competition.


When you experience Worm Hunt, you can't miss the year's events that correspond to major holidays. It will present you with many challenges that you will complete and of course its rewards are interesting: skins with impressive designs. At the beginning of the game you can unlock many impressive boosters to use in the level and have an extra chance to continue it when you encounter bugs.

Features :

* Players will find a location with various resources that will make it easy for them to grow in size and put pressure on other players.
* The game offers you a few modes to choose from, events that keep happening to unlock skins for your worm.
* In the endless mode you have to be a survivor while trying to defeat opponents and gather resources to grow bigger.
* A safe zone may appear when you choose battle royale mode, and the player will try to move to the specified location and stay alive.
* In the new version of the game, players get more rewards when they reach high positions in the game.

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