World War Heroes WW2 PvP FPS v1.40.5 MOD (Unlimited Ammo) APK

World War Heroes WW2 PvP FPS v1.40.5 MOD (Unlimited Ammo) APK

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Developer :
Azur Interactive Games Limited

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Descriptions :

World War Heroes: WW2 FPS (MOD Menu) - classic multiplayer shooter with first-person view and combat setting. Various special units with all the resulting consequences were selected as actors. Huge arsenal of weapons, equipment and special items, the choice includes, for example, a variety of mines, as well as means of clearing them. The impressive number of different locations requires you to assess the situation and the choice of tactics. Here you operate a choice of six heroes, each with their own abilities and development elements. Good graphics give the fights a special dynamic.


The single-player campaign in World War Heroes gives players insight into the history and heroic campaigns of each country during World War II. This includes changing perspective and objective variety to diversify their gameplay experience while creating a variety of gear and unique discoveries. In addition, it has a traumatic storyline and gives players a better understanding of the real value of a large-scale war.


When players complete campaign mode, online battles are new experiences to explore with friends. The differentiator of the online modes is that they introduce many unique and important elements of a large-scale battlefield, including vehicles, supply points, defense points, capture points, etc. More new content will also be added in the future, bringing absolutely everyone's entertainment with everyone.


The equipment system in World War Heroes includes a variety of content, including weapons, grenades and many other utility items. Meanwhile, there will be many supply points on the battlefield or allow players to change equipment during respawn, bringing the atmosphere and excitement to a new level, demonstrating the chaos of online battles. Players will also gradually unlock new weapons or customizations in the future, whether through war or the rewards system.


The battlefields in online matches are designed to be bizarre and chaotic to allow each player to be more creative. Their scale is also different, e.g. B. on the moving train, in the city and in small villages to diversify the player's combat experience on different battlefields. Additionally, some maps also introduce rich vehicle systems like tanks or transport vehicles to make things even more chaotic.


The weekly activities and events in World War Heroes are generous and offer lots of fun for the players. In addition, it allows a group of people to support each other in special game modes, winning a lot of nice rewards to stimulate everyone's atmosphere or motivation. Depending on the individual content, each person will have their own criteria rather than a uniform, and lots of random things will pop up whenever the event nears the end.


The quality of the game's graphics is also one of the outstanding factors for the players to immerse themselves in the fiercest and most exciting battles. It also has great optimization, so people have good stability even when faced with lots of dense visuals and more. In addition, environmental influences such as weather, smoke, fire and more will make everyone's feeling more real and unique, showing a distinctive WWII color.

World War Heroes is a great choice if players want to entertain their friends through rich and unprecedented game modes. It is also constantly updated with new content such as events, game modes, new weapons and more to diversify everything from gameplay, excitement and player experience.

Features :

The game has been specially tuned to run smoothly on both high-performance and low-performance devices!
Complete your daily activities while upgrading your gear!
Play every day to earn free rewards and daily quests, as well as a plethora of free items!
Build the arsenal of your dreams by increasing damage and max ammo while decreasing recoil and reload time.
Immerse yourself in online combat with sharp graphics and user-friendly controls.
Various new weapons will be available to help your team win the match. Use all armament including machine guns, grenades, rifles, sniper rifles, bazookas and other weapons.
Your game, your rules! Create a lobby, invite your friends and get ready for battle!

World War Heroes WW2 PvP FPS MOD Features:

High Aim Assist Increases Aim Assist
Unlimited Ammo Ammo does not decrease
One Hit Kill Kill enemies with 1 hit
Godmode Take no damage
Radar Hack See enemies on the MiniMap
Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčMultiplier Increase movement speed
Unlimited Grenades 150 grenades
Unlimited Medkits 150 Medkits
No Spread Removes Bullet Spread
Increased rate of fire Faster firing
No camera shake No camera recoil
FoV Set custom FoV
No Fall Damage Take no damage from falling
No Muzzle Flash Removes the muzzle flash effect
Premium Premium enabled
Anti-Kick You will not be kicked from the game

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How to Download and Install World War Heroes WW2 PvP FPS?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.