World War 2 Strategy Games v878 MOD (Unlimited Money + Medals) APK + DATA

World War 2 Strategy Games - Discover a wonderful world with fascinating historical battles. You will be the one to lead your army and develop sensible tactics to defeat the enemy. The game brings you the historical combat experience reinvented by the brutal war scene. You will use your soldiers and tanks to traverse many important locations to destroy the enemy army and win each level.

In World War 2, players will find exciting gameplay that will give you the position of strategist in many famous battles in history related to World War II. They will be reproduced in an absolutely realistic way, where players will try to achieve the objectives of these games. At the same time, the game also allows you to unlock many famous generals in World War and join them to defeat the enemies in front of you while bringing certain benefits.

The viewing angle of this game allows you to have a panoramic view where you can freely adjust the observed area with just a few swipe movements on the screen. At the same time, if you control a specific character in the game, you will see that character's movement position in full to easily navigate attacks or steps. So the mechanics in the game are straightforward, but it will take time to learn the tactics to use against the enemy.

As you experience WW2 you will be taken to a tutorial level where you will see enemy territory and your troops. You will try to conquer these territories and defeat the enemies that stand in your way. The environment is divided into many hexagons to help players orientate the enemy's position quickly and sensibly. At the same time, the troops you control will be scattered across the map, and you'll need to carefully consider your tactics to exploit their power.

An interesting point that every player will love is the battle leaders. You will not fight with the enemy, but indirectly. Specifically, each field has a specific buff effect that you can apply to items on the field. You can use it in your command area to create more battle support units or deploy a powerful army on the field to sweep the enemy.

As you experience the phases of World War II, you will realize what they all have in common, which is the requirements in each level. In particular, game results are expressed by the number of stars, and each star is associated with a specific requirement that you must meet. It presents players with special challenges, and everyone wants to finish them in the best way. At the same time, Axis mode is just the beginning as you will experience more modes with other levels like allies.

You will see many generals from history throughout the game and will accompany you to the levels. You also know that the number of generals in this game varies greatly, and it will take you some time to unlock them. At the same time, you will also find a variety of weapons and weapons that you see for the first time. They can be bought in battle with resources you own, allowing you to complete levels your way.

* Many attractive bonuses for the winning team
* Lots of army vehicles like tanks, trucks, armored vehicles
* Various battlefields and missions
* Various rich weapons that players can equip
* Lots of talented commanders like Button, Zhukov, Guderian, Manstein
* WW2 turn-based tactical wargames
* Destructible and repairable bridges
* Radar technology to detect enemy forces
* Wide variety of army vehicles like trucks
* Variety of battlefields and missions
* 3D game graphics and epic sounds

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