Vont  Text on Videos v0.4.25 APK Unlocked

Descriptions : If you are looking for an application that specializes in adding words or short sentences to videos, the right choice is for you. The main function that the application can do is to help you create videos with impressive sentences or words in color and style. The work that you have to do in this application is to add content to the application. You can add different text to the video at different intervals. As soon as you have added text or sentences to the video, you will find a level below. Above this level you can see an orange line surrounded by a red edge. It is the element that receives the content that you add to the video. If you add a lot of content from there, there will be more bars and you have to take the right place and the right time into account. This process is repeated many times until you get the right solution.
After adding a content in Vont in Vonto, a corresponding tab with various keywords is displayed. These keywords relate to a certain aspect of the content you added. From there they spend time to optimize these properties as impressive as the original content. The first function in which you will be interested is the font with which you can adapt the type and select the type you like together with the frequently used types. After adjusting the font, you will have to select your favorite color next. With this function you can use a rich color palette with self -adjustable primary color elements. You can select your preferred color and adjust your video. You can also use the colors to select colors according to the patterns. They are colors with suitable properties so that they can create impressive color combinations. Once you have chosen the color of the text, you cannot ignore the style it brings. The text style consists of three elements that you can still use: shadow, distance and underlining. With shadows, create a shadow similar to the text and can adapt the position, the level of the shadow and other elements. Also choose the right effect from a diverse list for underlining. Of course, you don't have to use all these elements if it doesn't look good.
Features :

+ More than 200 fonts are available.
+ You can install other fonts.
+ The text size is changeable.
+ The text color is changed.
+ Text shadows are changeable.
+ Text is rotatable.
+ The color and the width of the text thrust have changed.
+ Text background has changed.
+ The letter distance is changeable
+ Line distance is changeable

Required Android Versions : Nougat [7.0 – 7.1.1] - Oreo [8.0-8.1]

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