Vlogger Go Viral Tuber Life v2.43.36 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Vlogger Go Viral Tuber Game (Unlimited Gems) : Become the most famous video blogger, create your witty and unique video clips that receive a record number. Bypass the number of subscribers of famous YouTube stars and get valuable prices for this. Earn good money and buy better components for your computer. Be active in the development of the canal and doing all that suggests in the table of records, take the first places with the number of subscribers!

An attractive topic both in real life and games

Vlogger is a career that is no stranger to Gen Y and Gen Alpha generations. Admiring the massive Youtube channels with hundreds of thousands of Vloggers blooming in all fields and industries, do you want to become a vlogger in the future? And before you make your dream come true, you should also once try to experience the entire process of a true Vlogger. To see if I really fit and stick for a long time with this fascinating job?

I want to introduce to you the strategy simulation game Vlogger Go Viral. You will be playing the role of a Vlogger, going from zero to building your own Youtube channel, and in many ways to bring each of your vlog closer to the audience, step by step improving the level of your skills to get many views, many positive comments, and much love from fans. Let’s see how to Vlogger Go Viral play, and what this simulation game will bring you.

How to play Vlogger Go Viral?

Your guide is a small firefly called Internet Fairy. Just follow the instructions of this Fairy, you will in turn go through the steps: create a name for the Vlog channel (think carefully in case you become famous, the name should be easy to remember). Then, you choose your video topic, record a video and finally publish it on Youtube.

Within a few seconds, you immediately see the results immediately, depending on your choice whether the Trendiness of the video is high or low. It also determines the number of viewers. In this game, the number of Views is your “score”.

Every time you make a video and then publish it, you will have more views. The more points, the ability to buy more Studio Equipments, both making the video process faster and helping the video reach audiences better (by advertising strategies, posters).

Sometimes, you get the game “rewarded” for a few cups of coffee, helping you increase your health and energy to work faster and more efficiently. And of course, the number of views has also increased dramatically. Take advantage of these energy coffees.

Besides, you also need to regularly manage your channel. Not only watch, statistically, group videos by topic, but you also need to interact with your fans: click like, love comments, or reply to comments. All these little actions get you points.

Every day, your life is like a loop, including making videos, publishing, drinking coffee, reply comment … This loop seems endless, but you will in turn open up many new tools for work. Perhaps, you already know the prices of electronic items such as cameras, camcorders, computer components … These are not cheap.

For example, Poster, an effective advertising tool for your channel. With it, you will find yourself appearing in a lot of media, the number of views and comments increase exponentially. Continue to interact, reply comments and you will quickly become a famous Vlogger in the country. When you reach a certain level, the game will bring you a series of valuable rewards such as upgrading the entire PC system to increase the video making speed by up to 30 times, upgrading all studio props to increase the aesthetics and efficiency…

As for the reward, the most valuable items are the purple diamonds. Having this diamond in your hand, you will have many perks and the ability to win the golden button, the diamond button of Youtube.

Gameplay is simple but depth

The bottom line of Vlogger Go Viral, which is also the attraction is the way you make strategic choices. Like when you have enough money, should you choose tool A or B? Or when you have diamonds, should you use it for promotion or upgrade your PC to make video better? With each option will bring you to different results, and of course, how fast or slow the progress depends on each of these strategic moves.

What will you learn from the game?

First, Vlogger Go Viral with easy-to-understand gameplay will be an effective way to kill idle time without losing your brain. Just simply touch, choose what you want and wait for the results.

What do you learn through this game? By filling up your free time while playing while playing, you can also understand the whole process of becoming a true Vlogger and the important steps that need to be done to become a “something” with your channel. All of this, I don’t think you have a chance to know such details in real life. And from there you will realize you suitable for this job or not?

Of course, there’s always a huge gap between real life and in the game. I’m just talking about channel naming. In the game, you just type a few letters to finish. But in real life, you will have to know how to use Youtube, have an email account and some other basic knowledge to create a channel. Somethings like making videos, promoting, and managing channels are much more complicated, you know.

Features :

Simple controls that you can enjoy at any time

With simple controls and exciting gameplay, Vlogger Go Viral is definitely a great idle clicker game for everyone who likes to spend their free time with a good game. Apart from that, you can play it whenever you want without having to spend hours on it while still having fun.

Learn how to create videos to start your journey

Players in Vlogger go viral will find that they have access to tons of different video creation options. Start by learning how to produce high-quality videos that could go viral. Create your first videos and have them uploaded online. Track your progress and don't be afraid to do it again and again. Success takes a lot of time and effort, so don't get discouraged.

Tons of different themes to get inspired

And to help you create videos, the game also introduces hundreds of different themes that you can choose to create videos. However, make sure to follow the famous social pages, pay attention to the latest news, and most importantly, listen to your reader to produce the best content.

Manage your channel and track your progress

When you start your video channel, the game has a full management window where you can get the latest news about your uploaded videos. Follow your fans' comments, look at the downvotes and upvotes. Listen to their latest video idea and impress your fans with new videos if you think they are viable. Also, you can actually watch the videos you produce, which is quite interesting and embarrassing at the same time, especially when you watch the old videos you made.

Create the perfect studio for you

For those looking to upgrade their studio, Vlogger Go Viral also has dozens of different items for you to choose from. Have better video quality with your new camera, make faster clips with more powerful hardware on your PC, or sing crisper with the new microphone. Every little upgrade brings you closer to your dream. Keep working and improving so that one day you can earn your success.

Collect tons of different items and customize your character

Be a famous vlogger and develop your own sense of style. Be the one who influences the majority with your styles, options and so on. Dress up in dozens of different costumes, each with their own bonuses. Decorate your room with new furniture, ornaments and so on. Have your prospect visit your amazing space while you create your videos.

Get cute pets

Moreover, you can also get cute pets that would surely attract your viewers' love and attention. Get your lovely pug with his cute tie, a robotic parrot that could mimic anything you say, or even a talking pineapple. There is nothing that you as a famous vlogger cannot get in the game.

Live your life the way you want it

In addition, in Vlogger Go Viral, players can also live the dream life they have always wanted. Work hard and follow your passions, one day you will be famous and have millions of loyal fans. Let them support you and entertain them with your amazing videos.

Once you're famous enough, you can enjoy life however you want. Take a break from work whenever you want and travel around the world. The life of a famous vlogger can be very enticing.

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