Twist Hit v1.9.12 MOD (Unlimited Gems) APK

Twist Hit v1.9.12 MOD (Unlimited Gems) APK

Casual , Games

Developer :
SayGames Ltd

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Descriptions :

Twist hit (Unlimited Gems) : casual arcade game with dynamic and original gameplay, in which you need to create intricate objects that fill multi-colored rings and plant at least unusual trees on the resulting heaps. At home your task is to plant as many plants as possible and thereby set another record. The combination of dynamic gameplay, simple controls and minimalist graphics makes it possible to attribute this game to excellent time killers.

Fill the rings to plant trees!

Twist Hit! is actually a popular arcade theme created and used by many game developers. Gamers may find it quite familiar as it is easy to find related games that have the same gameplay as this one. But the special that SayGames brings can make players change their own view of an arcade game like this. It's not just meaningless gameplay used to kill time, it builds the relationship between players and trees to save a forest that is being destroyed. Every time a player completes a level, the player will understand why Twist Hit! is so compelling. A tree grows and completes its full form, making players admire. The beauty of nature is a beautiful wonder from SayGames point of view. With exciting graphics using the full 3D format but there are corners designed like origami art, everything in this game is interesting and worth exploring. The color of the game is probably not the same as when it uses arrays never found in nature to decorate its trees. But that created a more positive, hilarious effect mixed with magic.

It's easy when the player controls a "painting machine" that uses "fill the big rings to plant trees". In front of you is a bare tree, no life there. And the player has to use his machine to fill the rings of the tree, if you color all these rings, the tree will be alive, fresh and healthy.

Watch out for the obstacles!

But the challenge in the game is not easy when it relates to two confusing elements. First, this stump rotates steadily in one direction at a fairly rapid rate. When you touch the screen, the machine fires and fills in a series of colors. But there is an obstacle that rotates with the tree and once you hit the obstacle it's a loss. Obstacles and rotating stumps with different angles and speeds distract the player. Each game screen has 3-5 trees that need to be saved continuously, if you die, if you haven't reached the number of trees in the goal, it's still counted as lost. When the player completes a certain number of levels, he/she will get new trees. Please keep following the game to see all the most beautiful trees and save this forest.

Features :

* Addicting gameplay
* Simple and satisfying
* Fun and relaxing to play
* Simple controls
* Bright effects
* Adorable graphics
* Many different locations

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