True Fishing Fishing simulator v1.16.3.784 MOD (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) APK

Descriptions :

The game world is really diverse and meets all interests of the participants - some people like horror games, some like action games. But some players want to find an elegant hobby like fishing. That's why publisher Andromeda released Coders True Fishing. Fishing simulator will satisfy those who love fishing games and bring a sense of calm amidst a busy life. Let's quickly find out the details of any game!


In True Fishing, players can go to many different locations to fish. You will find many different places to explore and many surprises are waiting for you. At the same time, each player is equipped with two fishing rods, which he can freely place on the position where he wants to fish, and many different factors are taken into account for each placement. In addition, each location consists only of static images, but has beauties that completely attract players.


After you know what to do in True Fishing, you will start learning some related in-game items. It will be a list of game related items for you to choose from such as: B. a shop, a place and more. Clicking on the location also brings up a list where you can find different locations and their associated experience time parameters. Accompanied by the place name, these are the illustrations you can see.

An interesting point when you experience these places is that you can catch different types of fish and not know what types of fish are typical of the place from before. So you will try to continue the fishing process and adjust the position. Although they are still images, these locations are linked to weather elements that you can find, such as: B. clear days, rain and other types of weather. Since this is a simulation game, the weather still has a specific impact on the fish you catch.


Once you enter a True Fishing environment, the first process requires you to place two fishing rods in any position. Additionally, once you've placed your bets, it's a good idea to establish the depth at which you can drop your line to begin fishing. You click on the spinner in the right corner of the screen and see the bait gradually go down. After waiting a few minutes, the results will appear right in front of your eyes, and a lot of attractive information will be displayed that you cannot ignore.

One thing you will notice when you get the results is the fish you caught. The related information is displayed while fishing. So you know the area where it usually appears and its general information. In addition, don't ignore the list of fish you've caught, and you'll be equally successful if each species of fish has a different appearance. You will not just stay in one place, you will go to many other places.

Features :

* 20 superbly designed locations full of different fish
* More than 200 different species of fish
* A wide range of fishing tackle
* More than 30 types of lures for fishing
* 160+ quests to catch different types of fish
* Realistic weather simulation affecting fish habits
* Different species of fish are caught at different times of the day
* Ability to fish on 2 fishing rods at the same time * two fish are better than one!
* Some types of fishing: float rod, spinning rod, feeder
* Unique winter location * fishing for special winter bait
* Communicate with other fishermen in chat
* Share record fish weights in chat
* Online tournaments for competition with other fishermen
* Three types of depth finder for comfortable fishing

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