Treasure hunter v1.108 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

Treasure hunter v1.108 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

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Developer :
Ulab Games

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If you enjoy experiencing open-world adventures, discovering mysterious treasures spanning thousands of years of history, and completing interesting challenges, Treasure Hunter is a great choice to get started. Developed by Ulab Games, this Android-based game is inspired by true stories and promises to bring you great moments as you travel the world to find gold.


First get to know the locals and then begin your quest, grabbing metal detecting tools to find the treasures. You can also use the map preview mode for quick navigation and find different hidden places in the levels. If during the search the detector is in the right place with the metal, it will automatically signal, and you need to use a hoe to plow the ground. The screen interface will display items that you have found badly over time, from keys, coins dropped centuries ago to treasures of immense value and selling those items for money. This task will be quite easy in the initial stages, but you must be very attentive as it will become challenging over time.

Treasure hunter brings real events that simulate the process of finding treasure through a metal detector. Here you turn into a treasure hunter and embark on an exciting journey through the open world, in which countless quests, many challenging goals and, above all, encounters with many different characters await you. For example, if you are adventuring in the old picturesque area "Monticrskiye Sloboda" - a place with a long legendary history, you will meet many indigenous people who are extremely open and friendly and will be very helpful in your treasure hunt.

Aside from monetizing the treasures, you can also use this money to upgrade your equipment to find and locate the treasure faster. In addition, Treasure Hunter has more than 250 items buried underground and many different working tools to help players have varied experiences and not get bored in the long run. Also, the map is presented in a very detailed and honest way to increase the attractiveness of this game.

The game was developed by a team that loves exploring and searching for metals, so the details that the developer put into Treasure Hunter are extremely authentic to what appears in real life. For example, before carrying out your task, you can adequately follow the weather with howling dogs in the gloomy atmosphere of a cold evening, especially the sound effects and vibration of the machine when you have discovered a treasure. All have been synthesized to create a game that is more engaging than ever.


* Explore the large open world;
The solid map of the "Monastyrskaya Sloboda" will not let your feet get bored. You better find a vehicle if you don't want to hurt your knees.

* Hundreds of finds buried in the ground;
Discover more than 250,000 items throughout the open world.

* Real-world insights;
Analogous to real existing artifacts, with a true story behind them!

* Unique metal detection experience;
The only game of its kind on the market. Made and developed by real metal detectorists.

* No more waiting for good weather;
Your treasure hunter soul wants to grab that beloved metal detector and shovel to start digging in the wilderness, but it's a cold winter evening and wolves are howling outside your house? That's no longer a problem, comrade! Because the weather here is always good for treasure hunters. Choose devices according to your taste and off you go! Yee haw!

* Upgrade metal detector;
Upgrade your equipment to find more valuable finds.

* Wild from real excavators;
We are the small team of enthusiasts who are really passionate about metal detection. We are doing our best to develop this game and will try to share the joy and experience of playing the game with you.

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