Traffic Tour Classic v1.3.3 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Traffic Tour Classic v1.3.3 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Wolves Interactive

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Descriptions :

Racing games have always been a sport that many people use for mental entertainment. Traffic Tour Classic is a racing game that is the best of all racing games in recent times; It has created a racing field with excellent graphic quality and realism on every track. The speed races with many obstacles are the biggest challenge for you to conquer them together. Through this game, players have many opportunities to show how well their car plays.


A great way to relieve stress is to do the craziest things you can do within safe limits and of course obey the law. A good way is driving, but driving and relaxing on the road within safe limits seems pretty boring. If you feel like doing something crazy, join this game now to have the craziest driving experience. You can accelerate at full speed on beautiful roads and limit collisions with any car, and what's even better, you can have fun and… completely safely in this fantastic way.


There are no competitors to compete with in Traffic Tour Classic, but you are here to overcome yourself. There are levels from easy to difficult that will challenge you and your task is to complete the route within the given time to complete the task. Run as fast as you can and avoid the obstacles. Of course, you can freely collide with traffic on the road or an obstacle without getting hurt or scratched, but your car gets stuck for a while, and if it happens often. You cannot complete your mission.


Traffic Tour Classic has many luxurious and beautiful racing cars waiting for you to collect and control them. You can unlock each car once you complete certain challenges, possibly after completing a level. Each car will be equipped with an intuitive racing controller with buttons that allow you to quickly control the car. In particular, you can choose between three driving modes to be able to control the mode with which you feel most comfortable.

As you progress through a series of levels, your car will have some damage or technical problems as you need to repair and maintain the car to run as smoothly as possible.


One of the main assets of Traffic Tour Classic is the fascinating graphics, the carefully polished images and the very harmonious colors. During the race, you can not only have fun with the speed, but also relax with the lifelike roadside scenery. The weather is also an emotional highlight for every path you drive through; the tiny drops, beautiful rays of sunshine or falling snow will not make your heart feel any less either.

Traffic Tour Classic is an excellent choice for you to have fun, relax and improve your driving skills. The realistic experience on beautiful roads combined with the satisfaction of speed will really refresh you. It's also easy to understand why the game is so famous and loved by so many players; If you still have questions, take the test now.

Features :

* Unlimited car racing game * No fuel or time restrictions
* Different camera modes: first*person, third*person, driver camera and more
* Multiple control modes: tilt, buttons or steering wheel
* 5 game modes: Multiplayer, Endless, Career, Time Trial, Free Run
* 100 missions in career mode
* 5 realistic environments: highway, city, desert, rain and snow with day or night times
* 16 different classic cars with the possibility to customize colors and wheels
* Unlock cars by collecting or buying blueprints
* Improve vehicle functions: speed, handling and braking
* Variety of traffic vehicles: trucks, buses, vans, cars, pickups, SUVs
* Multiplayer races, challenging friends and players from all over the world.
* Ability to use the Nitrous (Nitro) function in multiplayer mode

Traffic Tour Classic MOD features:

unlimited money

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