TotAL RPG Classic style ARPG v1.20.0 MOD (Unlimited Ruby) APK

Descriptions :

The RPG game that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived in the last few days. Total RPG has brought good classics for players to take part in exciting action levels. In the game, players have to face challenges against powerful enemies to become the strongest warrior liberator of the great towers.


Total RPG is a relatively new classic-style action role-playing game that features incredibly daring action levels that will keep players immersed in their eyes. This game has more diverse and different gameplay and content than action role-playing games. Players can customize their character's parts based on the preset gameplay, while some other games still keep the old style of play. Also, the level of the game will be increased gradually with each level to allow players to use many good strategies to defeat them more easily.


In this adventure game, the player will encounter many different types of monsters. However, players should employ defensive techniques and use other equipment to preserve their powers. When players come to Total RPG, they will be turned into heroes to complete great missions. Some kind of evil among the holy places affects the holy places of humanity and players have to prevent all situations to become the warrior liberators of the huge towers.


Similar to other popular dungeon games, in Total RPG players will continue to explore dungeons and continue engaging in exciting battles. Once the player enters a dungeon and slaughters some kind of monster, the player earns money, armor, weapons, and some significant experience. After leveling up, players can improve their character's strength and collect many new skills. From there, players can continue to advance to higher levels and destroy enemies quickly.


In addition to the above features, players can also fight with special effects at a fast pace while participating in the game. In fact, your enemies are powerful and persistent, even in large numbers. Therefore, players should be well prepared for everything in order to be able to cope with them more comfortably. Players use a variety of serious damage weapons. Also, the journey to annihilate the entire enemy force is arduous and the player has to avoid deadly traps.

In addition, the security of the gallery does not end here. It goes on to the next level. We also have some surprises in store for you, so stay tuned. In case someone plans to violate the terms of this application. The user will get an urgent warning message from the application as soon as it is launched. This allows you to quickly update your password and verify your account for our support.

Features :

* Participate in the game in many holy places of holy lands and religious centers for players to participate in large places to deal with many enemies efficiently.
* The player's strength is gradually increased in each level, allowing the player to improve the hero's stats, giving the player the opportunity to continue to complete the challenges.
* The game always brings fierce real-time battles in which players can face-to-face with huge or suffocating monsters.
* Players can upgrade infinite types of weapons to aid in the combat process and develop their own character style.
* Fast-paced battles, special effects and a dark atmosphere will accompany you on great adventures.

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How to Download and Install TotAL RPG Classic style ARPG?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.