Tomb of the Mask v1.10.12 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Tomb of the Mask v1.10.12 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Playgendary Limited

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Descriptions :

Tomb of the Mask (Unlimited Coins) - vertical pixel platformer with an adventure plot in which you are in search of adventures and treasures and find yourself in some kind of mysterious labyrinth and find a magic mask thanks to which you can move along the walls. Further, your path leads through intricate randomly generated locations where dozens of types of enemies and hundreds of traps await you.

Labyrinth filled with traps

To simulate the adventures of scientists who ventured into the realm of these ancient civilizations, Playgendary has developed a special game. New mechanics are always the criterion for the launch of new games with this manufacturer. So Tomb of the Mask has recently become a new hit. Despite the new release, the number of people experiencing the game and the discussion forums about it in the community has become overwhelming. The story is about a risky adventurer who comes to a mystical place to uncover the mysteries hidden in the dark labyrinth. And he found an ancient tomb that resembled a Mayan tomb and a strange mask. The adventurer wears a mask and the miracle happens. He realized that he was beginning to have special abilities that ordinary people could not have. His quick movements on the wall were smooth and easy, even jumping from wall to wall with no difficulty. Since then, the "fun" began to take place.

playing style

Playgendary is famous for casual games, easy to play, decent graphics. So Tomb of the Mask met those requirements as well. Firstly, the gameplay of this game is quite similar to the game about the ancient obstacle. You have to control a character and overcome all the pitfalls that the designer built into the game. These traps are extremely varied and unpredictable like traps, huge balls, deep holes etc. If you are not careful you will lose your life and have to play again. But the movement mechanism is the interesting point this game brings to the player. Characters move EXTREMELY FAST and players cannot stop them when they move. That is, the character only stops if he just touches the wall. In other words, the game allows the character to jump from wall to wall. There will be a lot of coins on the way. Avoiding traps and collecting pennies is the focus of this game. When you collect enough coins, unlock the new ones. They all contain their own strengths, the abilities that help you navigate your way through the tomb of the grave.


The graphics of the game is an extremely simple design with the 2D background. The main colors are brown, black and purple, reflecting the mystery of a tomb, which can frighten the player a little. The performance of the game is very smooth, which makes it easy for players not to have any difficulty in controlling the character.


Thanks to the simple gameplay and seemingly unlimited paths, players will spend a lot of time playing. In it, one of the challenges is to break old records and break the record of friends that entice players to play. You will spend a lot of free time jumping over walls and scoring.

Tomb of the Mask MOD features

unlimited money
unlimited energy
No Ads

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