The Wolf v3.3.1 MOD (free shopping) APK

The Wolf v3.3.1 MOD (free shopping) APK

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Developer :
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Descriptions :

The Wolf (Free Shopping) - online RPG simulator in which you play the role of a predator, namely a wolf, where you not only have to try to survive in the wild, but also take control of a whole herd his fellow tribesmen. It is worth noting the excellent graphics, beautifully designed atmosphere and huge open world, realistic survival model and broad development system. Besides sole proprietorship, you can survive and hunt with friends or other players from all over the world.


Now play as a wild wolf and you will understand what they are thinking and see what they are doing. Interestingly, the wolves make you more sympathetic and see them in a positive light. You will have to get used to their wild behavior, and everything will not be difficult if there is a reliable companion from The Wolf.

You have the right to choose the wolf you want to play, be it an aggressive gray wolf or an excellent brown wolf etc. Many and many wolves are available for you to continue the action series. The new point is that you will be able to explore the wild world yourself, a world of your own, and live in a specific herd. This strangeness will inspire you and you will gradually get used to this challenging life.


Being in a great environment will produce good characters; Sometimes wolves' instincts also depend on their environment. The wolf always provides players with interesting scenes, and each scene shows a strength that we can make good use of to become the leading wolf. Rising to the rank of pack leader is the goal you want, and it also becomes the driving force behind your own endeavors.

But many attackers and many other wolves want to fight for the top position with me. With so much ambition, sometimes you also have to weigh some relationships, like the relationship between the herd. Our strength must be in the right place, both to be in the midst of other relationships and to show the inherent intelligence of a leader.


You are the proud top wolf and there is no one to stop your will. If another wolf is aggressive towards your territory, show your great responsibility by pursuing them. Such comparisons would be a legitimate defense and should not unduly affect the wolves in the pack under our control.

The wolf will also present you with some difficult challenges and force you to try to overcome them. Once you pass, your role will also level up and you will receive useful benefits. The most interesting thing is that we will experience new environments and these schools are constantly changing so that we can adapt well.

Through this, The Wolf wants to give you the challenge of growing up day by day. The game always wins over gamers due to its agility, 3D graphics and interesting environment. Challenges are also given to strengthen our fighting spirit. Be the leader of the pack and guide the wolves through difficulties.

Features :

* Compete against opponents from all over the world! The desert is never without life. Conquer the forest by meeting other wolves in real time!
* Join the game with your friends and family! You can easily form your own party and start playing together right away. The friends list and chat features make it easy to stay in touch.
* Do you have the strength of a Gray Wolf? Is it a dhole wolf? Perhaps a mysterious Black Wolf bears the closest resemblance to you? Choose your favorite and come up with an unmistakable personality!
* You are the master of your own destiny! There is no set course to follow in this simulator. To become the alpha of the pack, you decide which traits to improve and which skills to improve.
* Take a walk around the map and enjoy the beautiful scenery! The high-end graphics throughout the game, from your cave to the mountains and streams, make it immensely enjoyable. Don't the creatures seem real? Try to catch them all!
* In hunt mode, you can traverse the landscape while looking for prey ranging from rats and rabbits to deer, foxes, raccoons, bison and bulls.
* Team up with other players to take on the toughest opponents! If you're looking for a more thrilling experience, choose the battle arena option, where you team up with other wolves to fight another pack. This is a declaration of war!

The Wolf MOD Features:

you can make purchases without crystals

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