The Way Home Pixel Roguelike v2.5.5 MOD (Unlimited Resources) APK

Description :
The Way Home Pixel Roguelike -
an old school look and addictive roguelike gameplay with a purpose and even a story. In addition to development, replenishment of the assortment in the inventory, acquaintance with interesting characters and the resulting exciting gameplay of destroying monsters on the way to the task. The main character and his friend find themselves on an island where there are many dangers, secrets and incomprehensible. It is necessary to equip a safe camp, conduct reconnaissance, collect useful things and eliminate bosses that threaten the implementation of their plan to return home.
Features :

Trapped on a strange island, Kevin and Cheese struggle to return home.
Encounter other lost people and horrible monsters lurking on the island.
Help our hapless duo find THE WAY HOME!

Roguelike dungeon crawlers
* Procedurally generated maps
* Each battle has a new pattern to enjoy
* Strategically combine 15 or more skills in each battle!
* Defeat 80 different monsters, each with unique patterns.

Collection and construction of resources
* You can construct buildings with resources you collected in dungeons and islands.
* Construct different buildings to facilitate escape.

There is an end!
* Meet NPCs and follow the story as you explore 4 islands.
* Will Kevin and Cheese eventually flee the island?
* The warmth of light and shadow in a classic pixel art style is waiting for you!

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