The Walking Zombie 2 Zombie shooter v3.6.19 MOD (Immortality/Unlimited Fuel/Ammo) APK

Descriptions :

The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie Shooter (MOD, Unlimited Money) - dynamic zombie action that takes place 11 months after the outbreak. According to the plot, the residents' hopes were not fulfilled and the army did not come to the rescue, and not many survivors had to struggle with walking alone. As a result, a team has been assembled to destroy the zombies and it's up to you to lead it. The combination of action elements and tactics will appeal to all fans of dynamic shooters. Excellent graphics, a large selection of weapons and a variety of monsters will only add advantages to the game.


A new journey opens for players as new levels of The Walking Zombie 2 are released and players continue their journey against zombies. Many new types of quests will appear before your eyes, which you will take your time to complete and the player will pay careful attention to the points. In particular, you'll visit item-gathering quests and an exciting new melee weapon called Thor's Hammer. At the same time, the reward and bonus mechanism has also changed.

During collection quests, the player will be instructed to search for an object called a Miniature, which has a letter C symbol and is located somewhere in the location assigned to you. The area is primarily a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and many enemies will appear before your eyes. After picking up the miniature you will put it in a machine. Over time, you will build enough collections and have statues of a different rarity.


The story that players see begins as the characters of The Walking Zombie 2 take care of a mother who gives birth and has an altered appearance. The child was born successfully, but something unfortunate happened when shortly after, the mother turned into a zombie and attacked most of the characters. At the same time, players control the character who has weapon skills and he has completely defeated the zombies and saved the child.

The setting will be moved to a place called Woodland and that's where humanity's survivors will be after the zombie pandemic. It is a small town surrounded by a protective wall and you will be a member of this town. At the same time you spend time entering dangerous missions against zombie enemies and sometimes your enemies are bandits. In this game you have to complete a series of quests to collect resources and new weapons.


You get the quest in The Walking Zombie 2 and move to an area on the map. You control the character with two hands and you get used to this control as you pass the tutorial and mission screens. At the same time, your weapon is just a rifle and grenades to attack enemies at the beginning of the game. Not only will you focus on defeating other enemies, you will have to go to the designated area. This game will have navigation elements so you have to follow them to find the destination.

An interesting point about experiencing this game is the variety of enemies you encounter. You will find some zombies, and the ability is breakable so you can attack it quickly. Unlike zombies, humans are targets you will be wary of as they are armed with weapons and sometimes have better resistance. At the same time, strangely mutated zombies will become bosses and you will use all your skills to fight them. New weapons are the rewards you can get.

Features :

* Classic post-apocalyptic single-player first-person shooter
* Modern polygon graphic style that is both attractive and functional.
* The karma system – both good and negative deeds open the door to new opportunities and encounters.
* There are dozens of storylines and side quests to complete.
* Lots of weapons, armor and other items are available; You can create your own survival team.
* You can play this survival game when you are not connected to the internet.
* Gameplay includes optional crafting and construction in the open world portion of the game.
* There's a variety of enemies to contend with, including zombie walkers, raiders, and giant mutant monsters.
* Merchants participating in settlements
* Optional tasks for the Zombie Hunter Ace can be completed by the player.
* Cars and trucks are faster than walking, and you can keep more of the deceased's riches in the trunk of your vehicle.

The Walking Zombie 2 MOD features:

Unlimited Money: There are two main currencies in The Walking Zombie 2, including Gold and Silver. We edited the original game file and gave you a lot of money.

Last words

The Walking Zombie 2 contributed to the success of publisher Alda Games. It receives positive reviews and is played by millions every day. The creators of the game are constantly trying to develop and update more features for The Walking Zombie 2, hoping that players will have a better experience. And now please try your best while fighting and surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.

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