The Walking Dead No Man’s Land v5.0.1.340 MOD (High Damage) APK

Descriptions :

The Walking Dead is a franchise that has taken an interest in the community over the span of 1 decade. Century. With a content thickness, it has been adapted to many different entertainment content, especially games. The Walking Dead No Man's Land is a strategy game made with the idea of ​​recreating this world. With intense battles, players can use the potentials that the film producer has not yet fully developed. The Walking Dead: No Man's Land (MOD, High Damage) This will be a strategy game, so players will have to take part in battles that encourage team spirit. Unlike other games, in TWD: No Man's Land you can train your characters to gain maximum strength and use resources in the most appropriate way. The story of this game is a synthesis from part 1 to the present, allowing your favorite characters to fight on the same battle line.

Lots of different content to participate in

As already mentioned, heroes like Rick, Daryl, Glenn, ... are reintroduced as a challenge to all lovers of this series. The heroes summoned under your command can go into battle in many attractive modes. Story mode missions take you along the timelines just like in the movies and you have to win them alone. Sometimes the knowledge you get from watching a movie is a trick to win. Challenging distance missions will force you to quickly escape from the dead zone and survive. Stock building and weekly challenges are things that you must continuously complete and improve.

Gather resources and upgrade your military equipment

You must collect as many resources as possible to survive in this cruel world. Therefore, players must make many correct decisions to maintain the essential needs of the camp. In addition, we must fight effectively to combat the risk of a zombie invasion. The two most important things to upgrade are heroes and buildings. Heroes must survive the battle to improve their level thanks to the EXP gained after the battles. As they level up, you can use gold to upgrade their skills. You need to know their combat characteristics in order to make the appropriate upgrades. When going into battle, they need characters with enough resilience for a few others to damage the opponent.

The turn-based mechanism is so familiar to many people

The Walking Dead No Man's Land applies turn-based elements to their matches, it's not too strange. Basically, this game has too many complex elements that distract players and battles are just a form for you to collect loot. It follows the basic rules of a turn-based game. You and your opponent take turns blasting each other's formation until you find the winning side. However, your battles have no units, only the heroes you brought into battle. Each of them has unique skills that you need to learn. In addition to fighting zombies, you can also fight other people with your squad. These PvP battles bring great rewards and also a place where you can prove your strength.

Features :

* NEW HEROES! The long awaited heroes Shane and Beth are now playable! Additionally, Walking Dead survivors from previous seasons, Alpha, Beta, Yumiko, and Princess are all available to collect, upgrade, and support your team of Walking Dead heroes!

* NEW STORY CHAPTER! It's not over yet! Chapters continue after THE CHURCH...Angie's baby needs your help!

* NEW SEASON! Watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead and play it the next day to relive the thrill! Seasonal Missions are released weekly to match the latest episodes!

* NEW GAME MODE! Fight endless waves of strays to the last breath in the brand new game mode "The Last Stand"! how long can you survive

* NEW CHARACTER CLASS! Enlist the help of your Walking Dead favorites like Shiva and Dog to help you battle the zombies!

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