The House of Da Vinci v1.1.26 MOD (full version) APK

Descriptions :

The House of Da VinciĀ  is the third and final game in a high quality series of first person puzzles. In it, the user will find answers to questions about the disappearance of the legendary inventor and researcher. In the role of a follower of Leonardo da Vinci, the player solves logical problems and meets characters he knows from past chapters. As with the entire series, there are many well-designed locations, excellent graphics, and near-total interactivity. The combination of all components allows players to spend time with interest in the most non-trivial plot.


Players don't have to move much when participating in in-game challenges, if they simply sit in a room and think about complex answers. Incarnated as a student of the artist Da Vinci, players must discover the whereabouts of his teacher when he suddenly mysteriously disappeared. Through the remains of objects and puzzles you will find the truth.

It sounds interesting, but it is actually a difficult challenge for you, using the lights and diagrams that appear to solve the problems posed by the game one by one so that you can unlock the rooms. Make a wise decision to unravel the mystery of your talented teacher's whereabouts. The fact that the game is set in the graphic context of the Renaissance allows players to admire the beautiful architecture of that period, creating an impressive somber atmosphere as you progress through each level.

The challenge of the House of Da Vinci is always something that attracts many people who want to challenge their responsiveness. The controls of the game are also very simple, just interacting with a touch on the screen. The gameplay is simple, but the puzzle is very complicated. Use all your keen senses to maximize your ability to respond. The game gives you puzzles related to many operating rules and mechanisms of certain objects.

A logical question requires the player to correctly calculate the principles of operation of the monstrous machines, as well as to observe every little detail of the machine and object models that the game offers. You'll solve puzzles and find items to track down the mysterious Veil in your teacher's house. Rooms like the library, engine room, etc. are arranged in a deliberate order in the objects, so you can find the answer yourself.


To unlock the safe's password, you need a piece of paper with the symbols for decrypting the key written on it. The player must have logical thinking to solve these symbols at the same time. Also, watch the surrounding objects to get the best answer. Find the corresponding objects that appear on the shield and link the data you have on hand to open the secret door that will lead you to the following more difficult levels in Da Vinci's house.

It offers players many challenges and different rooms to string things together in order to gradually unravel the mystery hidden deep in the studio. The puzzles are tightly linked, allowing you to gather information to decipher and answer each question according to increasing difficulty. The lack of an answer is easy; Then you have to try all possible answers to patiently find the final answer.

Da Vinci's house will have more space for questions of all kinds, ranging from the puzzle mechanics, sometimes the object, sometimes its decoding, and so on. This will create many new challenges that will not let the players get bored. On the contrary, it stimulates the responsiveness of players who want to play their best. Many users love the game for its extremely artistic graphics and many beautiful realistic details created by the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci. In combination with the classic sound of the 16th century, there are positive effects for the player, as they can concentrate better and don't feel loud. The game offers players a creative storyline to stimulate their interest in solving problems.

Features :

Puzzling and perplexing puzzles are all based on Leonardo's inventions.

Enjoy intuitive touch controls
Navigate intuitively through Leonardo's workshop. Gaming couldn't be more fun.

War machines, complex lockers, mechanical puzzles and room escapes will test your skills.

Spot hidden objects by seeing through the surfaces around you.

An unusual gauntlet allows you to witness previous events and learn more about history.

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