The Greedy Cave 2 Time Gate v4.1.2 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :
The Greedy Cave 2 Time Gate - It is an RPG with stylish graphics and incredible adventures of the main characters.

In the game, you will become part of this adventure - your task will be to fight with monsters and solve the mystery of the time gate. To successfully complete this challenge, you need to work together with other people with the same goal - this game definitely proves that the power of people lies in unity.

This time gate changes its structure each time for a new visitor, so maps and directions don't work. All you have to rely on is your instincts and self-preservation.

The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate is an RPG project with stylish graphics and an exciting storyline with a lot of unique features. So, the game story begins in the cave, which is full of magic and is a storage place for a great treasure that the locals forgot.

But the main character of the game knows the truth and obviously wants this treasure, but no one knows what awaits them around the corner of the cave. The task of the user is to find out.

So this game is for risk-takers who are brave enough to face different challenges like exploring the ancient cave and fighting enemies that can interfere with the implementation of the plan.

The story of Greedy Cave 2 happened after its predecessor, and the appearance of the Time Gate once again connected people's destinies. In this game, you play the role of an adventurer and enter the mysterious dungeon to challenge various monsters and get powerful gear. Invite your friends, form a team to explore together, solve the mystery of the time gate and share the precious treasures!

Features :

Cthulhu style random dungeon
* Cthulhu, the world-renowned art style, has been reimagined in The Greedy Cave 2! Twisted BOSS, crazy monsters, dark dungeons and hundreds of challenging mazes are waiting for you. With the addition of rouge-like elements, new journeys every time!

Three special classes, hundreds of gears
* Three types of classes, Sword, Shield and Mage, different weapons activate different skill trees, your battle strategy is up to you! Hundreds of gears to collect will make you the coolest dungeon crawler!

Team up for more rewards
* Team up with other players to explore together in real-time, get richer rewards, better experiences, recruit and build your own guild! Every time you go into the cave it's a multiplayer survival challenge, so who is the winner in the end? Real-time voice communication is available, bringing you more fun.

New pet system
* Hatch your exclusive pet and train your strong partner, it is your right hand, also a solid support for exploring. Stand up and sweep up all the monsters!

Auto expedition, relieve stress
* The expedition allows you to sensibly adjust work and rest, and also earn rewards offline.

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