The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores v190.1.9 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores v190.1.9 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

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FredBear Games Ltd

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The Bonfire 2 marks an epic return with unique content and more exciting stories. Fighting and building go hand in hand. There seems to be a special curse for this land, and players will build during the day and may have to stay up all night to fend off surprise attacks from enemies. They are all monsters possessing exceptional strength; what power commands them? Let's download it and find the answer now!


In Join The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores, players are tasked with helping a crew. His boat had an accident and most of the people could not survive. In his role as a lucky guy, he washes ashore on a mysterious island and embarks on a tough survival expedition. During the game, you need to find and collect resources to construct buildings. From there you have a bustling city or even a kingdom with a powerful army.

In fact, The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores aims to build a powerful kingdom. The island you live on has many dangers, you need an army to fight the enemy forces trying to invade. Many comments said that The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores cleverly combines elements of survival, tactics and extreme fear as players are constantly exposed to danger.

One day, as people drift at sea, they find fertile land, there are countless untapped resources, and they want to start from scratch here. The Bonfire 2 created such a new story. The layout of the works is free, but remember to arrange the most profitable! Providing materials and tools to expedite the completion of the work, are you amazed by the grandeur and prosperity of this place? Since this is fertile ground that has not yet been dug, all resources are raw; Learn how to use them and apply them to your next projects. It would be great to stock up on this endless resource!

The Bonfire 2 is not only easy with building and construction work, but also holds hidden secrets that no one expected. The dangers lurking on all sides as night falls is a signal? Don't fall asleep when the sun goes down; This is the ideal time for enemies that are monsters and members of the neighboring village to invade your construction. Increase the population and upgrade their weapons so they all survive until the next morning! Don't let them be satisfied, and you can knock them off like mush.

What it means to be in this endless space is also to enjoy the miniature beauties inside the device and travel aboard your handcrafted battleships here and there. Open the map you own and follow the direction where exciting things are waiting for you. Find more fertile new lands or find forgotten treasures in a certain ocean. Encounters are also possible, and it's your chance to bond with good friends!

The residents of The Bonfire 2 all have different beauties. They are classified into many types, with jobs that match their skills. Distinguish them with strength stats! A skillful team will take care of construction and crafting, a hardworking team will be sent out to find more resources, and a battle group will be equipped with many weapons to always be ready to fight the enemy in the most unexpected times.


The game allows you to build, craft and collect resources during the day. You have the freedom to design your city layouts. However, the placement of the buildings can be crucial and affect the outcome of your settlement.

When night falls, defend your village from random monsters like wolves, chupacabra, spiders and tribal enemies.

A randomly generated world map awaits you to explore with your ships. Discover new cities to trade with or face random encounters for loot.

Every villager is unique. Each has stats like strength, agility, intelligence, and personalized skills and traits.

You can build and build each villager however you want, as is the case in most RPG games. In addition, players have the ability to craft weapons and armor and equip their units with them.

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