The Battle Cats v11.9.0 MOD (Unlimited Xp/Food) APK

The Battle Cats v11.9.0 MOD (Unlimited Xp/Food) APK

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Developer :
PONOS Corporation

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Descriptions :

The Battle Cats - an interesting arcade game that mixes elements of arcade action, TD and seals. In the game, our base looks like a house for cats and is on the right side. On the other side is the enemy. You are armed with a destructive laser that must destroy the villains.

As you pass, gradually collect coins, for which you can buy new fluffy defenders and resist the opponent even more successfully. Aside from buying units for in-game currency, you can also hire the men through these cash injections. As you complete the mission, you'll gain experience to improve the combat characteristics of units, increase house strength, and buy soldiers.

The graphics here, while simple, look quite organic and cute. The characters are drawn in a minimalist spirit and blend in perfectly with the drawing environment. Will delight the players and the groovy soundtrack. The Battle Cats is a set of heroes and levels, not boring gameplay, and also a competent upgrade system. All this does not get boring and brings a lot of fun to every player.

Simple gameplay

Yes. The control mechanism in The Battle Cats is extremely simple. Most types of strategy games often require you to calculate strategy and plan carefully. This game is different, cute cartoon style game that makes everything easy and beautiful like never before.

The Battle Cats is a tower defense game where you have to defend your base against an army of cats with so many eccentric shapes that you have never seen before. Different cats have different powers, so you have to make the right choices. Your enemies are such formidable adversaries that you have to laugh. They can be dogs, snakes, hippos, etc.

If the animals seem to be moving towards your base, you will accumulate a certain amount of money over time. Just click on the icon of the cat you want to select. When your cat appears, it will automatically fight any enemy it encounters along the way until they are defeated or killed. So the only thing you have to do to win is to look at the strength of the animals that attacked your base. Then you can choose the right cat that has the power to counter the other animals.

If your opponent is overcrowded and your money is not enough to pick the cat, then your special weapon is a very suitable choice. Special weapons allow you to inflict a large amount of damage to kill a large number of enemies on the map. Treasures are also very important so you have to collect as much as possible. They help you create very powerful items and increase the solidity of your base.

Some notable points

One thing that stands out from other games is the number of characters. In The Battle Cats there are more than 300 funny looking cats to choose from in battle. In each level you can only carry 10 different types of cats. You can make your cats stronger by leveling them up. When you reach level 10, which is currently the highest level, your cat will possess tremendous power, much greater than that of the first level.

However, the game lacks interaction between players. I think the game should have more PvP mode allowing players to challenge other players in 1v1 matches which would be very interesting.

Features :

Approachable and fun tactical gameplay

For those of you who are interested, The Battle Cats allows you to be totally hooked on the fantastic gaming experiences where players have the opportunity to enjoy the simple and fun tactical gameplay. Have fun with the unique graphics, exciting gameplay and intuitive game mechanics as you easily build your cat armies to conquer the world.

Defeat the enemies with your cannons and cat plummets. Collect experience points to upgrade your towers and call out more troops. Tap the cats to summon them, unleash special attacks to take out multiple enemies, and plan your moves to effectively take out any approaching enemies. Crush the enemies and advance to their towers. Crash the structure to finally conquer the stage.

Dozens of unique and rare cats for your army

And to aid you in your quests, it's possible to create your cat army with many cat soldiers, each with their own powers and exotic looks. Feel free to create the ultimate army with kitties of all shapes and sizes as you lead them to victory. Enjoy the unique and interesting army setups that you won't find in any other titles while still having fun with the complete tactical gameplay.

Strengthen your army with multiple upgrades and boosters

To allow players to upgrade their armies, The Battle Cats also offers multiple upgrades for the different cat soldiers in your armies. Feel free to complete certain stages to get XP and items that allow you to make certain upgrades to your cats. Experience the powerful Evolutions when they reach level 10 and unlock epic powers once your Cat Soldiers gain their True Form.

And at the same time, you can always buy and use the powerful boosters whenever they are available. Choose your moments to unleash these special power-ups while effectively turning the tide of battles. Win against your tough enemies with your brilliant strategies.

Have fun with multiple levels and adventures

For those of you who are interested, now you can enjoy The Battle Cats awesome gameplay across hundreds of interesting stages. Enjoy the game as you explore the adventures in story mode where players lead their armies of cats to conquer the whole world.

Take on multiple enemies as you progress and unlock special gameplay experiences as you battle animal armies from different countries around the world. Have fun battling the iconic structures across different stages and reach the NASA space station where you will begin your epic The Battle Cats experiences in space.

Enjoy the unique and interesting levels with escalating difficulties as you progress. And never find the game boring with the more and more exciting levels.

Multiple treasures and free reward to collect

Furthermore, in your journeys to conquer the world with your armies of cats, players also have a chance to collect Glorious Treasures lying behind various challenges. Destroy the unique towers of enemies from different countries and collect awesome rewards. Also, the game offers exciting daily rewards that you can claim simply by being active in the game. And with rewards that stack, you can expect to collect epic prizes at the end of the week or month.

Enjoy the game with or without internet

For those of you who are interested in the exciting gameplay of The Battle Cats, you can now have fun with the complete in-game experiences without having to connect to the internet. As a result, the game now features full offline gameplay so you can enjoy the game whenever you are outdoors but don't want to waste your mobile data.

Friendly and suitable gameplay for players of all ages

Furthermore, the game also offers friendly and loveable in-game experiences that make the game extremely suitable for players of all ages. Therefore, everyone can have fun with the casual battle cats on their mobile devices. So you can even let your kids enjoy the funny cat fights.

The Battle Cats MOD features:

If you play the original version of the game, you'll find that you need more than that. And if you download and use the MOD version of The Battle Cats, you'll get loads of XP and Cat Food (9999999).

Note that using them all will not reset the XP and Cat Food numbers to their original state.

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