The Archers 2 Stickman Game v1. MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

The Archers 2 Stickman Games (Unlimited Coins) - In this game you have to destroy your opponent with a bow as quickly as possible. To control the bow you have to click on the bow and pull the string so that it hits the enemy's head. The game has a multiplayer where you can compete with your friends.

General information

The Archers 2 is a shooter from the Stickman series. The game continues the classic stickman game style. It mainly adopts the recording method. Players must control the stick figure to complete various exciting tasks. The gameplay is unique. Welcome to download from the Green Resource Network. The Archers 2 is a stickman series game. In the game you act as a stickman archer and fight against enemies trying to destroy you. To win and survive this war you must fight to the last drop of blood.

The Archers 2 is a casual shooter game. The game uses the popular Stickman theme. In the game, players have to control the stickman to complete various exciting shooting challenges, which is very interesting. Among the features of The Archers 2 is the clear game screen with bright colors of the game background. Players can shoot at a variety of different targets and must control the intensity and angle.

To defeat the stickman you need to hit two arrows. To destroy, it dies if it hits the head. In particular, there is currently no game download for The Archers 2 and they will update it in time for players. You have to destroy many enemies with your bow to get a high score.

The enemy can be killed by hitting the torso twice or hitting the head with an arrow. The game is intuitive to use. In terms of aiming, the first step in starting is to draw your bow and arrow. And then you control the angle and strength to start the game.

How to play The Archers 2?

The Archers 2 is an archery game featuring classic stickman characters. The game takes you as an archer in the explosive war that destroys his ancient tribe. Using the bow left by the ancestors, you must help him fight against a powerful enemy. With simple gameplay, players can pull back to raise their bow and aim accurately at the target and release. Arrows fly straight at the enemy and destroy them.

Arrow damage decreases when hitting the location from head to toe. When an arrow hits an opponent in the head and finishes them off, that shot is called a headshot. The Archers 2 has three game modes including Campaign, Survival and Two Players.

Survival is the mode in which players have to deal with a series of enemies that keep appearing. The final block is the boss, which possesses tremendous damage and shoots to death. Be careful and kill the boss as quickly as possible. Invite your friends to play in two player mode. The person with the higher number of kills wins.

The Archers 2 characters in the game have three basic stats, including Attack, Health, and Energy. The player can equip additional bows, armor, and trinkets to increase base stats, which are also added as the player upgrades the character's equipment. It divides gear into five tiers of white, green, blue, purple and orange with a star count from one to five. The higher the equipment level, the stronger the character becomes. With three items of the same type, players can pair up to a higher gear level.

In battles, The Archers 2 gives players four additional abilities, including Heal, Rain of Arrows, Create Shield, and Teleport. Players can combine equipment with four abilities to create a variety of gameplays. Every day, players will receive three missions. With each completed mission, players will receive a decent reward for their merits.

overall ratings

With beautiful 2D graphics and antique style equipment, The Archers 2 looks very majestic. The game features different arrows with different effects when hitting enemies, including effects like burns, toxins or slowdowns. When you knock someone out in the game, the player will see a bit of blood flow and fall. It looks bad, it's part of the aftermath of the war. In the fast rhythm heroic game simulating the fierce war atmosphere, the sound of arrows flying in the wind is realistic.

If it hits an enemy, the player will hear the hit. If we killed the enemy, he would scream. with easy

Features :

* Simple and intuitive controls. Tap the screen and drag to charge the bow with an arrow. Choose power and attack angle!
* You have never seen such realistic rag doll physics and animation before!
* The Archers 2 is a 2D casual game with many levels, large number of challenging bosses and its own unique features in archery mastery!

The Archers 2 MOD features:

Unlimited Coins: After opening the game you will have a lot of coins.

last words

The Archers 2 is an excellent stickman-style simple physical archery game, classic horizontal arcade game style, simple and easy-to-use physical operation, adjust your angle and control the power to pull the screen. You hit your opponent by focusing on the head and you can shoot straight. For people who like it, download it now.

The Archers 2 has passionate formation and exciting maze in adventure mode. The game inherits a wide worldview and allows players to appreciate the joy of a once-in-a-lifetime cross-server duel. Every player can understand different parkour online games in the game. Irreplaceable gameplay skills allow users to earn extra money.

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