TCG Card Shop Tycoon v254 MOD (Unlocked) APK

TCG Card Shop Tycoon v254 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Games , Simulation

Developer :
Sia Ding Shen

3.7/5 - (4 votes)

Description :
TCG Card Shop Tycoon -
a clicker in which players create and develop a shop specializing in trading cards for various board games. While the shelves are empty and customers just look inside in surprise. But the gradual filling of the product, advertising, as well as the demonstration of very rare items, allow you to go into the plus and even expand your skills. At the same time, almost all processes run in automatic mode. You just need to invest in improvements regularly. So gamers can relax and don't have to worry about little things.

Collect epic heroes in Idle Card Shop Tycoon Game
If you are a fan of the animated series "Pokemon", you will definitely like the hero of our review. The developers tried to convey as accurately as possible all the creatures, as well as the characters, that appear in the story. However, they parodied the series by naming the creatures Tetramon. Enjoy the collection of characters that you can collect in your deck. Become a real card master. You can open new decks during gameplay or collect them from the main menu. Get unique cards with heroes that have an increased level and multiple functions immediately.

All Tetramons in the game are divided not only by elements, but also by levels. The most common ones have one star, which means they cost customers less. If you get the same cards, you can combine them to increase the number of stars and unlock access to stronger heroes.

Enlarge store
At the very beginning of Idle Card Shop Tycoon Game, you can only access one department. There you will find the first sets with tetramons. You can expand later. First buy an extra shelf in the same department, and then another, and another. Buy a shelf to put your goods on. When everything is ready, go to the next room idle . Rent or buy it right away to place your goods there. Advertise your business well to attract as many customers as possible. Over time, you can expand your assortment by opening new character albums.

Serve your customers
As a leader, you must think ahead of all your actions. At the same time, all areas should be developed equally so that no department falls behind in maintaining and fulfilling the plan. Don't forget to upgrade cash registers and hire vendors in Idle Card Shop Tycoon Game, so you don't create long queues. All of this happens in clicker mode - just tap the screen and collect money. Try to shop on time, so customers don't go to another store. In addition to expanding the product range, it is worth thinking about diversity. Remember that buying a shelf for a collectible is not enough. You must also purchase the item itself.

Graphics and sound in the game Idle Card Shop Tycoon Game
The game has 2D graphics, but it's worth noting the beautifully executed Tetramon characters. Each of them is individual and has its own characteristics that will delight any true collector.

The game offers you the opportunity to replenish your stocks on the store shelves, which can be very tedious and inconvenient. That's why we recommend you to use the mod that has a dedicated store manager. He personally takes care of filling the shop with an assortment. You can always turn off this feature and do everything yourself if you wish.

Trading card games have gained wide popularity on all modern gaming platforms. The Play Market Store even has its own category, which already shows the demand for such projects. The main highlight of TCG Card Shop Idle Tycoon is its theme. The developers have created unique characters that are very similar to the legendary Pokemon, but still different from them.

As mentioned, you get cards from boosters. Get card packs as a reward for completing tasks, in the form of bonuses and so on. It is also important to earn money to spend on improving the business.

Games related to the concept of trading card games have long since won the hearts of hundreds of millions of users. A variety of themes and game concepts help this genre stay afloat. If you've always dreamed of diving into a deck of cards and collecting interesting creatures, then hurry up to download this project.

Features :
* Manage a trading card shop
* Casual and simple clicker game
* Amazing animations and 3D graphics
* Create and update your shop
* Collect trading cards like TCG
* Tap fast to serve more customers
* Complete objectives to earn rewards
* Expand your card business
* Dedicated card game shop to purchase upgrades and features

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