Sling Kong v4.2.7 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Sling Kong v4.2.7 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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For those of you who are interested in Donkey Kong retro classic game, you will surely find this amazing Sling Kong game as a great mobile adaptation to enjoy on your Android devices. With a similar gameplay with the same level of excitement and many innovative elements that make the mobile gaming experience more enjoyable, you can all be satisfied with this Protostar mobile title.

Enjoy working with simple yet highly addictive and entertaining arcade gameplay on your mobile devices whenever you want to relax and have fun. Just slingshot and bounce your interesting Kong and many of his animal friends through the epic slingshot adventures. Overcome many obstacles and enjoy challenging your friends to become the best king slinger.

Begin the game by joining our adorable Kong in his quest to discover the ultimate height of the forest by constantly looping up and hopping through the platforms. Keep leveling up while overcoming many obstacles and challenges that lie along the way. Strive to reach your best heights in the game and unlock tons of interesting rewards that will make the game much more fun and exciting. Climb up, higher and higher, until you can't go any further.

Invite your friends to play this addictive game and compete for the title of the best! Set records and be the first on the Sling Kong leaderboard. Challenge other participants of the game and compete with them in different tournaments and levels. Spend your time in a good mood with this simple game. Sign in with your Facebook account to save your progress. When switching to another device, simply log in and continue playing as if nothing happened. You can also see all your friends who are also playing this game. Track their progress and compare it to yours. Become the best player! After all, the competition perfectly spurs and inspires even greater enthusiasm for such a seemingly simple game.

The game offers a huge selection of characters for Sling Kong - about 140 animals. There's a funny chimpanzee, a jellyfish, a bee and even an elephant. So much fun! To unlock characters, you have to collect as many coins as possible on your way and go further and further. The higher the record, the more coins you collect. Knock out new characters with a paintball-like mini-game. Each attempt to win a prize costs 200 coins.

Like many games, Sling Kong has its own currency - coins. Let's talk about why we need them? They allow you to purchase new unique features and various cute animal characters and accessories. Earn coins in different ways. First, as the game progresses, collect coins on your way and overcome obstacles as best you can and set new records. The higher the record, the more coins you get at the end of the level. Secondly, occasionally at the beginning of the game, a kind of money roulette appears in the game where you shoot your character. Third, you can also collect coins in prize mode, but this mode costs 200 coins per try, so choose what suits you best. Well, the fourth option is to buy coins for real money by shopping through a store.


* Simple and accessible gameplay for all players
First of all, Sling Kong Android players can immediately engage in casual arcade's simple and accessible gameplay. Here you only need to use the drag and drop gesture to trigger your character's bouncing movements over a variety of different platforming obstacles and traps. Plan directions carefully and time your releases perfectly to make great moves with your little Kong and his friends.

* Enjoy the endless and escalating challenges in the game
For those of you who are interested, you will always find Sling Kong's exciting gameplay very engaging despite its repetitive elements. This is thanks to the huge collection of traps and obstacles placed along the way. Moreover, the dynamic character movements and in-game controls allow you to freely participate in the amazing mobile game. Feel free to enjoy the thrilling jungle climbs in your own unique experiences.

* Many interesting characters from the forest
To make the game more interesting, Sling Kong allows Android gamers to freely explore the different characters in the game and take them on your ultimate Sling Shot adventures. Have fun climbing the jungle with your pig, chimpanzee, jellyfish and more than 140 different characters. each with its own unique look and expression. All this will make the whole gameplay much more dynamic and fun.

* Customize your own Kong avatars freely
More importantly, for those of you interested in personalized gameplay, you can freely customize your own unique Kong characters with images of your friends, family, or yourself. Have fun dressing up with many unique in-game accessories that allow for thousands of interesting Kong combinations in Sling Kong. Feel free to take them with you on your Kong adventures whenever you want.

* Compete with friends and online players for the highest score
For even more in-game challenges, Sling Kong players can now connect to their social networks to join the online world. Here you can discover friends who also play this game and challenge them for the best high scores in your endless jungle climbs. Beat them in leaderboard challenges and earn your bragging rights.

* Enjoy the game with or without internet
And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the game with or without the internet. Just jump into the exciting sling shot adventures whenever you want. No need to look for an active Wi-Fi hotspot or use your precious mobile data.

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