Rival Stars Horse Racing v1.51.1 MOD (slow bots) APK

Rival Stars Horse Racing v1.51.1 MOD (slow bots) APK

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Rival Stars Horse Racing (Weak Opponents) - sports simulator with elements of the time manager according to the plot of which you get a legacy of a stable with race horses. Unfortunately, recently the company’s affairs have not been in the best way and a serious responsibility has been placed on your shoulders, to return the former glory to the stable. In this case, the creators of the game paid great attention to realism and various trifles, as well as in detail approached the creation of a game model. In addition, it is worth noting the stunning graphics and landscapes worked.


When players come to Rival Stars Horse Racing, the first job of players is to raise the horses with the most potential to become future champions. The game's farming system is developed with depth and detail, simulating everything perfectly for players to explore. While raising the horses, the player can build many more interesting things to train the horses, including a large farm to run around freely. In addition, players will need to complete a series of activities necessary for each horse, thereby improving performance and helping them develop completely for future races.


Rival Stars Horse Racing's graphics use advanced technology to optimize everything while giving players a perfect blend of reality and fiction, creating a new experience in the game. Above all, everything is perfectly sketched in every detail, whether the horse, the environment, the character, and more, create a distinct beauty and become more immersed in the gameplay. Besides the ability to build visuals, the visual effects on each frame will always surprise players; even many moments can become impressive for players to save. The game also has many mysteries in its graphics, and all of that will be revealed as the player explores the game long enough.


In raising horses, the player will go through the breeding function, where they create new breeds of horses with superior genes and breeds. Breeding results always carry the characteristic of the parents, so players will have the opportunity to create the most powerful and agile variant horses when continuously mating. Moreover, players can socialize with friends to breed with their horses, and the game will unlock more exciting content for players to create the most impressive horses. It will also come with an encyclopedia for players to study the abilities of each horse, including their stats, history, and other interesting information.


Horse racing is always an exciting activity worldwide, and Rival Stars Horse Racing will simulate it perfectly for players to experience it firsthand through a special perspective. Moreover, rider and horse combination needs to have perfect homogeneity, thereby coordinating to create decisive actions and victory. The game will introduce a variety of game modes for players to explore, and each of them has impressive features to entertain everyone. Above all, players can participate in races with other players via online mode, thereby delighting in winning overwhelming victories with their horse control skills.


The player's horse farm can be enhanced and upgraded with many new functions to improve the performance of each horse. The upgrade system will be continuously expanded and give players impressive options and at the same time allow them to expand the ability to manage horses. In the future, many small activities can be built directly in the barn, thereby providing players with endless entertainment when interacting with the lovely ponies. Players can also raise more horses when the farm is upgraded, even access special training camps to train the horses. After having a complete farm, players can start dreaming of creating strong horses and continuously participate in exciting races with them.


If the player wants to receive more attractive rewards for the farm or the horses, the game will introduce online activities to enjoy themselves with loads of content. Moreover, it is an opportunity for players to reach out to many other players, even exchange information or visit farms to admire the beauty of each. On top of that, the rewards for each event and online activities are generous. Therefore, they continuously attract the attention of many players to create a vibrant and entertaining environment for all riders. Rival Stars Horse Racing is considered a famous horse racing simulation game, where players build farms, raise and training horses, and finally participate in the most exciting races. Moreover, the game will continuously create exciting content and events, thereby bringing together people who share the same passion for horse racing worldwide.

Features :

Intuitive interfaces and touch controls

To start with, Android gamers in Rival Stars Horse Racing can easily enjoy the addictive sports title thanks to the simple yet extremely diverse and in-depth gameplay. And the intuitive interfaces with accessible menus and helpful tips will allow you to quickly engage in the mobile title. Plus, once you get into the races, the simple touch controls and helpful tutorials will make sure that you can professionally ride your horse even during your first attempt. Simply change the direction to left and right to move your horse, use the sprint option in sync with the sprint energy bar to make sure the horse performs at its best, and keep an eye on your opponents and the tracks to come up with the best tactics for each race.

Captivating stories and amazing in-game characters

Throughout the game, Android gamers in Rival Stars Horse Racing will have their chances to experience the amazing in-game stories that should keep them fully engaged in their horse ranch and racing adventures. Find yourself enjoying many realistic and relatable story progressions with interesting characters to interact with, each will play their own roles in your success stories. And they will also help you during your everyday work at the ranch. So it’s always great to have some friends around, as you progress in the game and get to your final goals of restoring and developing the family ranch.

Engage in epic and thrilling horse races

And for those of you who are interested in the epic thrills and excitements from participating in horse racing events, you can now enjoy the real deal, thanks to the immersive and enjoyable gameplay of horse racing in Rival Stars Horse Racing. Here, gamers can truly feel the thrills and thunder, as they engage in the real 3D races against other opponents.

Enjoy racing with many of your different horses as they move in realistic manners, thanks to the accurate motion-captured animations, cinematic angles, immersive and intense commentary that follow every moment of the race, and more. Have full control over your horse and enjoy making split-second decisions, as you try to move it ahead from the speedy pack and aim to finish first. Compete in many great competitions and earn your glories in Rival Stars Horse Racing.

You can freely customize your in-game characters using the provided editing features, which let gamers change their faces, silks, helmets, and other looks-related elements to create amazing photo finishes. And to make the game more interesting, you can choose to participate in the races on your own and earn glories for the ranch just like how your father did. Or you could also hire an experienced jockey to help you with the job.

Enjoy breeding your perfect stallions

Here in Rival Stars Horse Racing, Android gamers can work with the best horses that are fully capable of participating in the races and can be leveled up even more. Have fun playing the addictive gameplay of horse racing simulation with many of your favorite horses which can be purchased from breeders in the game. Or you can attempt to breed your own amazing stallions from gifted parents. Sell your new horses for great deals of money. Or enjoy training them to get your perfect stallions for the competitions.

To make sure that Android gamers can enjoy the exciting breeding gameplay of Rival Stars Horse Racing to the fullest, your horses will feature unique characteristics, detailed appearances, pedigree histories, and different stats, which make them completely different from the others. Have fun working with the genetic breeding system to have your different horses looking amazing and have great traits to become champions.

Make uses of available training features

And for those of you who are interested, you can now explore the various training options from the game, as it allows gamers to fully develop their gifted stallions to their full potential. Start by hiring trainers who can help transform your horses into champions. Make uses of the available features to train different abilities, improve stats, and the overall performances of your horse, which will allow them to have better speed, sprint energy, and acceleration. As a result, you can then have your horse participating in epic competitions and win your titles.

Build and upgrade your homestead

To make the game more interesting, Rival Stars Horse Racing will now allow gamers to fully engage themselves in their addictive horse ranch management gameplay. Have fun exploring the available features in the game to comfortably restore your homestead to its former glory. Start by fixing the rundown establishments by earning money from competing in small races.

Choose to unlock different building options so you can have your train facilities, stable stalls, and other buildings available in your homestead. Feel free to work with useful upgrades, as they allow you to increase

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