Rider v2.09.0.00 MOD (Unlimited Gems) APK

Rider v2.09.0.00 MOD (Unlimited Gems) APK

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For those of you who are into the exciting gameplay of both racing and platform games, you will surely find that Rider is a great combination of these two interesting genres. Immerse yourself in the ultimate racing gameplay with your interesting motorcycles and cars. And at the same time have fun with the exciting gameplay of side scrolling platformers while trying to pull off amazing stunts with your characters. Enjoy the exciting gameplay of mobile arcade racing with simple and intuitive features whenever you want.


Rider brings endless races. You just grabbed the bike and started flipping like you never knew what a flip was. It's both crazy and charismatic, but also packed with strategy.

There is no story here, no special setting. Just a vertical screen with a dark background, with some basic layered textures above and below. A bicycle/motorcycle takes center stage, the neon-lit lines are the running track plus other obstacles or some traps along the way. It's just that. But you'll be mesmerized as you move from one scene to the next. The atmosphere also goes up and down with every climb. Sometimes I laugh because I think I'm too good, sometimes I get angry and want to throw my phone on the edge of a cliff because of a long slide. Never before has such a minimalist game triggered so many emotions.

Addictive game

To be honest, this game is quite addictive. The graphics are simple, the music is nothing special. But after playing I got addicted to this amazing game.

Because every moment of neglect or trifle can lead to a tragic ending. Each obstacle appears and later becomes more difficult and, in particular, requires both judgement, foresight and prior driving experience. Rider has more than 100 challenges with 32 levels of steadily increasing difficulty.


* Simple and intuitive easy-touch controls
First off, in Rider, Android gamers will quickly become familiar with the game's intuitive touch controls. Here you can roam freely with your insane rides and have fun doing amazing stunts just using the intuitive touch screen. Just tap right to dive forward or left to lean back. Rider's simple and interesting gameplay allows Android gamers to easily immerse themselves in the arcade racing experiences.

* Have fun with many exciting driving challenges
For those of you who are interested, now you can have fun with the exciting gameplay of Rider by trying to complete many amazing in-game challenges. Take on the 100 in-game challenges in Rider as you attempt to complete multiple driving objectives. Unlock them all to earn awesome badges. Get the best points on every ride and have fun in exciting driving challenges.

* Addictive in-game levels to enjoy
To make the game more interesting, Android gamers now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in 32 different in-game levels, each with their own unique settings and racing experiences. Unlock all levels and discover unique gameplay as you engage in the addictive rides. Have fun with the escalating levels with increased difficulty and enjoy the thrilling rides throughout the experiences.

* Awesome bikes with unique setups
While engaging in the exciting gameplay of racing, Android players also have a chance to collect awesome motorcycles with amazing looks and epic driving experiences. Feel free to buy more than 40 different bikes including 4 secret bikes with incredible driving dynamics. All of this should allow you to fully enjoy your driving experiences. Unlock unique mechanics with the game and keep enjoying the amazing mobile title as you progress.

* Collect many daily rewards
For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy Rider's awesome daily rewards, which you can choose at any time. Just log into the game and try to pick them up whenever you're ready. Furthermore, with Rider's stackable rewards, you can really enjoy the game and have fun with the ultimate driving experiences at the end of the weeks or months.

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