Retro Garage Car Mechanic v2.15.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Retro Garage Car Mechanic v2.15.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
First Step Games

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Description :
Retro Garage Car mechanic simulator - A qualitative mechanic simulator in which the player is tasked with repairing a variety of vehicles manufactured in the USSR. The user gets his hands on the well-known model cars in bad condition. The player's task is to find, repair or completely replace damaged parts. All machines have three groups of parts for easy troubleshooting: body, engine and suspension. You can then save the repaired car in a collection or sell it for profit.

In Retro Garage - Car Mechanic, players can admire colorful cars from many famous car manufacturers. The cars are uniquely designed, beautiful and have antique features, but their engines are no less modern. It mainly features old soviet cars from the past centuries, giving players a sense of excitement in owning and repairing extremely rare classic cars like this one.

The player's task is to find the damaged parts of these cars and then repair and possibly upgrade the engines of the cars. Each car consists of 50 parts divided into many smaller categories, and you can flexibly modify the parts with your creativity and intelligence to create a perfect car. If you complete the assigned task, you will get a lot of money and a lot of attractive rewards.

Retro Garage - Car Mechanic will bring you a lot of new experiences and help you earn a significant amount of money selling cars. You will soon become a wealthy auto repair boss. Besides repairing old cars to enrich your collection, you can also sell them or participate in car races to improve your skills. In addition, if you win these drag races, you will receive a lot of money.

By participating in Retro Garage - Car Mechanic, you will immerse yourself in the world of cars and become extremely talented car mechanics. In addition to satisfying repair skills, you can also take part in bloody races and engage in the tasks that the game offers. It's also easier to make money thanks to his versatile repair talent.

Simple graphics
As for the game's graphics, Retro Garage doesn't require a flagship phone to play. The game has a graphical background that is not too flashy. However, the developer has included many luxury supercars and even racing cars in the game. Not only that, the game also presents players with numerous components that are relatively accurately simulated in real life, making this one of the game's strengths. Thus, Retro Garage - Car Mechanic Simulator is easily accessible for most mobile phone users today.

Sum up
However, as one of the recently released games, Retro Garage - Car Mechanic Simulator still has some incomplete elements. However, the game is still under development and will always be updated by the developer with many upcoming features in the coming period. So Retro Garage will be one of the games not to be missed this year.

Features :

* Become a car mechanic and repair retro cars of the USSR! Look for damaged parts, order new ones, or try to repair it yourself.

* Each car consists of more than 50 parts in 3 categories: body, chassis and engine. If you want, you can do tuning and replace parts of the body and chassis parts with sports, racing and other modifications!

* After the repair, you can test your car on the racetrack, sell it or put it in your garage.
The most popular production cars of the USSR of the 50s - 90s of the last century will be presented, coming from the sponsors of GAZ, UAZ, VAZ, ZAZ, AZLK and other Soviet car factories.

Download Retro Garage MOD – Become an excellent car mechanic
Retro Garage gives you an overview of the car. All components are assembled very complicated. However, all 3 main parts are present: body, chassis and engine. Besides car repair, you can exchange it to other categories. For example, if you're a fan of the sport's sporty feel, consider replacing the suspension. But at the same time, players also have to swap a few things when they decide to replace car parts. Although the main parts are few, the total number of parts to be replaced is relatively large. You need to do a thorough analysis to find the broken part. Retro Garage is one of the largest simulated car repair shops you will ever experience.

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