Real Gangster Crime v5.9.0 MOD (Mod Money) APK

Real Gangster Crime v5.9.0 MOD (Mod Money) APK

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Developer :
Naxeex Studio

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Descriptions :

Real Gangster Crime (Mod Money) : an exciting and thrilling car hijacker simulator, the actions of which take place on the streets of a fictional city called New Vegas. In addition to kidnapping, you will have to carry out a variety of different tasks and missions, remembering that you are not alone on the city streets and you will constantly interact with various criminal elements. However, you have the opportunity to pump the hero, and then you will get a head start in the confrontations.

General information

Real Gangster Crime is free to download. It appears for the first time on Android and is now going big on all devices. When downloading, you need to ensure 100MB for installation and don't push your devices. Otherwise it will be slow. The app requires a lot of movement as it is an action game so Android 4.1 and above might be good enough to run.

The game of this gangster will include scenes of violence, dangerous trespassing, use of weapons and explosions. Therefore we only recommend players over 16.

This app is not new, but the system is always updated. Users may therefore experience an acceleration in quality from time to time responding to technological development. You should convince yourself of the quality.


Mobile gaming apps have been simple in content and use for the past decade. Due to the size, interactive gaming applications like Real Gangster Crime were more common on desktops. The theme of fighting game attracts players as never-ending excitement.

Since the addition of mobility, these games have become much more widespread among young people of all genders and professions.

Real Gangster Crime allows users to complete a mission in small lunch breaks, at home, on the bus or in short waiting times. The content encourages creative thinking, helps with stress relief that everyone needs during this time. It is recommended to try because we all need a little thrill in life.

How to play real gangster crime

It's best if you find out the rules and play them in person. However, it doesn't hurt if you know how to do it beforehand. Let's prepare for victory!

Find your style

The character is entirely up to you. You play the game in third-person perspective with images in 3D formation. You know, battles take place on the streets and in the underground world, so looks matter.

There are many things you can dress up. The wardrobe offers, for example, T-shirts, pants in different materials, scarves, hats and even sunglasses. If you want a makeover, feel free to browse the wig collection. Free outfits are plentiful. However, feel free to buy more if you make enough money. Instead of looks, some items even help you with agility or stamina? A certain outfit gives you the super power to fight better.

While an outfit helps you look better, weapons help you increase your fighting power. When you start the game you will have free access to a range of firearms. Find your mate and get ready for conquest!

hit the streets

When everyone is getting ready, including your mind, it's time to leave your base and choose a place to claim your power. It's a great city with buildings, big streets, shopping malls, pubs, strip clubs, etc. The underground world is no less lively and complicated.

Every day there is a quest that you must complete. Tackling these small missions will give you more gear (mostly bounties) to prepare for big missions.

Missions are designed to help you level up. In order to win the missions, you may have to use up all the power you have on hand. And remember, battlefields aren't just red spots. The world in Real Gangster Crime seems to be in chaos. Roads or amusement places have dangers somewhere all the time, so you better watch out.

Walking the street is an excellent way to find free stuff and know the situation of the city at any given moment. You can either walk or take a vehicle. Motorcycles seem to be the most popular for convenience reasons. Cars come in many categories, from indifferent sedans to sci-fi cars. The killer of all vehicles must be a tank. If you have it, fear nothing.

Upgrade your character

You complete as many missions as possible and get rich. The bounties of the underground world could be unimaginably large. When the time comes, you can level up your characters.

We recommend more expensive but more effective ones like vehicles and support accessories, not just buying more clothes and weapons.

Whatever could help you on your way to the throne of the city, will you try to get it? A helicopter doesn't seem so wrong, does it?

Features :

Huge modern city
The action of the game takes place in a large modern city surrounded by ghetto streets. Tall skyscrapers and luxurious living make this city an oasis in the desert. This sinful city never sleeps and with its lights attracts all who dare to challenge the stone jungle. Aim for success and fame in this exciting crime adventure.

Exciting tasks
Exciting adventure missions are waiting for you to get the necessary game resources that will come in handy for more serious tasks. You will encounter a tough street life where everyone is for themselves. The streets of this world require constant concentration as crazy bullets can fly here or gangs are at war with large-scale shootouts. If you pass interesting adventure missions, you will know better who and how rules this vice-city.

bunch of guns
At your disposal is a rich arsenal with which you will not be bored. It helps fight gangsters. Cool and pumped cannons will help you through the game. Improve your skills in agility, endurance, control equipment and weapons. In the gun shop you will find a large selection. There are things for every taste. Starting with the smallest knife up to the powerful machine gun that you have to be able to handle. You can arm yourself to the maximum, no one will stop you.

Be cool dude!
Customize your character and make his image unique because this is your virtual warrior and he should look stylish. You can constantly change your hero's image. At your service a large clothing store for your own gangster. In the shop you will find hats, baseball caps, masks, glasses, funny costumes, wigs, stylish shoes, shirts and much more. Various items of clothing increase your hero's health, agility or stamina. Some things unlock additional superpowers.

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