Prime Peaks v35.1 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Prime Peaks v35.1 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Prime Peaks

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Descriptions :

Prime Peaks (Unlocked) An interesting race with the physics of Hill Climb games. You have to overcome all the irregularities of the map to reach the finish line. The game has a multiplayer mode, so you can pass levels with friends or play against each other.

Climb the hill! be the best!
In this game, players control their cars capable of traversing complex terrain and overcoming difficult challenges. However, the path is not easy and will always give players a hard time. Besides the complex terrain, there will be some obstacles that will hinder the player and that can be destroyed or overcome. However, destroying obstacles will greatly affect the vehicle and the player will have to spend a lot of money to fix them.

Each track is designed with realistic game physics

Prime Peaks will also employ realistic physics mechanics to make gameplay more enjoyable. The rough terrain causes the player to lose balance more quickly, and the player must continuously adjust the vehicle to avoid overturning, which will cause the player to fail. Players can customize the control method to suit their play style. This game has many different control methods for many types of players. And of course, it will always try to give players the best experience. This game uses the most advanced form of 3D graphics and the most specific details to give players the best experience and satisfied players. With this kind of graphics used in the game, everything becomes real and it is fun for the player. Of course, in addition to high-end graphics, the game also has a perfect sound system. Everything from background music to background sounds will be detailed and bring a new feel to this game genre.

Various vehicles

In addition to owning gameplay and other things, this game also allows players to collect many different cars. Each car has excellent performance and can be upgraded even for complex challenges. Player's cars can also change colors and customization, the customization will slightly affect the vehicle's performance, but it will bring a whole new style to the player.
Handcrafted Tracks
Prime Peaks has a large number of downloads on Google Play and this game took this opportunity and created the Create Tracks feature. In this feature, the player creates a special race track and can customize it freely. After players create a track, they will be uploaded to this game's track community. Other players can try your tracks and make judgments from there based on their perceptions.


This game is also based on the player's score and ranks them on the world scoreboard. All who have excelled in this game will appear up here. If you want to appear on this scoreboard, you must complete the challenges in the best way.

Features :

* The way the vehicles move in the game is very fancy.
* The higher you go, the level increases, you have more choices of vehicles, many cool cars are waiting for you.
* The gas and brake pedals of the car are considered by many to be very clear and easy to control even by telephone.
* The game offers free upgrades and the installation is very simple.
* Join the leaderboards to compete with friends in online mode.
* Above all, NO ADVERTISING.

Prime Peaks MOD features

* unlimited money
* Unlocked Vehicles

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