Pocket Ants Colony Simulator v0.0931 MOD (full version) APK

Pocket Ants Colony Simulator v0.0931 MOD (full version) APK

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Descriptions :

Have you ever wondered what's happening in that tiny little ant hole in your garden? Who knows. Below that there can be a huge colony with many, many ants working to provide the queen with food, expanding her territories, and doing all sorts of things. For those of you interested in discovering the interesting company of ants, this fantastic mobile title from Ariel Software will surely come in handy.

Not only that you can enjoy playing with the fully interactive gameplay and freely discover the ants and their behavior, the exciting game gives you a complete simulation experience to explore. Join the ants on their journeys to build and protect their colonies. Take on all sorts of interesting activities and freely interact with the hardworking insects whenever you can.

Feel free to take care of all related matters and make sure your colony can thrive over time. Observe and study the ants to better understand their behavior. Also interact freely with many elements in the game and experience a unique gameplay that will surely impress most of you. Satisfy your curious mind whenever you want thanks to the amazing gameplay of Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator.

Lots of different resources to manage

First of all, in Pocket Ants Android players have access to several ant resources that they need to collect for their colonies. This includes food to feed the queen and the other ants. Materials needed for future colony expansions. Along with many other resources that can be used to enable many upgrades in your ant colony. So make sure you collect them in your nest often. And always remember to upgrade the storage capacity to always have enough resources for the ants.

Several constructions and expansions for the colony

In addition, to ensure that your colony can thrive, it is important to make several constructions and expansions in the colony. These will help create spaces for the ants to develop and multiply their society. Improve storage capacity so you can save new resources. Get new queens to speed up the expansion of the ant colony. Unlock new chambers for new ants and trapped creatures. Make sure these are updated so you can enjoy working with the epic ant colony.

Feed the queen and have more workers

Here in Pocket Ants, Android users can easily task the ants to keep feeding the queen so she can continually breed new workers and soldiers. Make sure you can have enough ants to protect the nest and collect more resources for the colony. Never forget the task and always remind your ants to constantly collect food.

Enjoy epic battles with other creatures

For those of you interested, the game features several creatures that appear on the surfaces and threaten your worker ants. Feel free to show up with your armies and take them down to eat. Alternatively, you can capture these creatures and have them join your ant armies. Enable more resilient and powerful front lines to allow your soldier ants to effectively do their job of eliminating enemies and destroying their colonies.

Upgrade your armies to make them stronger

At the same time, there are several upgrades that you can activate to make the ants and trapped creatures stronger. Feel free to unlock these power-ups and ensure your armies are always at their best before stepping onto the battlefield.

Have fun raiding other people's colonies

And to make the game more interesting, Android users can now enjoy their epic raid battles against friends and other online players in Pocket Ants. Feel free to discover their own colonies and try to use your fast attacks. Collect resources and bonus items that will allow you many, many interesting rewards.

Defend your colony from attack

At the same time, make sure your colony is well defended as others will try to do the same to your nest. Therefore, it is important to have multiple soldiers and creatures guarding your resources so enemies don't take them for granted

Features :

* Gather resources and bring them back to your nest
* Improve your nest chambers for extra bonuses
* Feed your queen ant and breed worker and soldier ants.
* Defeat and capture other creatures and make them join your army.
* Collect all the creatures and make them stronger
* Raid other player's colonies for resources and bonus items.
* Defend resources from enemy ants.
* Defeat the red ants colony every day for extra items.
* Recruit other players to join your clan.

Pocket Ants Colony Simulator MOD Features :

Unlimited Money.
Unlimited Gems.
Unlimited Diamonds.
Unlocked Characters.

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How to Download and Install Pocket Ants Colony Simulator?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.