PK XD Explore Universes! v1.45.4 MOD (Mod menu) APK

PK XD Explore Universes! v1.45.4 MOD (Mod menu) APK

Games , Simulation

Developer :
Afterverse Games

4.3/5 - (18 votes)

Descriptions :

PK XD - Discover and play with your friends! - Adventure Life Simulator with an open interactive game world. Unlike many analogues in this project, the developers implemented a completely new concept of peaceful and relaxing passing, as well as creative implementation, to start you need to create a creative avatar using hundreds of items, objects and images. Then you can start creating your own home, which also has a huge selection of elements available for furnishing. An important moment of the game is exploring the online open world, interacting with other players and completing various tasks. Also, you can come up with your own activities like resting, dancing, playing and jumping.


Hundreds of interesting things will take place in PK XD. Are you ready to experience the little pleasures with us? To make you have a good time, we brought light entertainment adventure game, and to make it better we keep updating and bringing many new features. Experience many new things in the game with your friends, earn money, adventure and entertainment. To capture the moments and appreciate your friends, here you can have a great vacation with your friends.

More than what is available, you will have fun with your pets and friends. To add to the fun, you may receive gifts and event cards. When performing important tasks, be sure to pay attention to the surrounding factors. Don't let anything unusual happen and check your goods regularly.


A huge universe with tons of interesting things, all owned by you. You are one of the lucky ones who own our vast world. If you come to this game, you will experience such interesting things with your friends. Join your friends on a huge and wonderful adventure, explore the world around you and be amazed by the great fun we have for you.

Not only that, in addition to our main missions and major challenges. Most of the time when you come to PK XD, you will experience many interesting things, you have the opportunity to challenge yourself with many different activities. Experience floating games with friends, enjoy new dishes with them and participate in epic parties.


If you are an animal lover then this is the game for you. How awesome would it be if you could do the challenges with your furry friends? They are virtual pets but not in a way that loses their cuteness and there will be many different types of pets in this game. From the common to the rare animals, find your favorite species and adopt them. It might be interesting to name them and watch them grow day by day.


This huge world is yours and you have the right to determine the current events, characters and many other related things in this game. The great character is yours, create a character with many unique skills and looks using the equipment available in the game. You can be anything unique, strange and new, everything is yours and you will change everything.

Let's use your imagination to create a unique character of our PK XD. With all our new gear, what if you could find a character, a girl wearing monster sandals instead of futuristic boots - here a traditional costume? In addition, your character will wear fashionable clothes, possess amazing wings, wield a ninja sword and much more.


Always bring unique, interesting things with you. Unique is the attraction of many players who know our game and participate. Not boring like other adventure games, not just exploring the rooms in the game or taking on many challenges. Players can also participate in new events we organize and enjoy those rare moments to create something special. Would you dress up as a monster instead of a pretty princess for Halloween? Are you preparing amazing surprises to join the warm Easter or Christmas celebration? It all depends on your decision.

Features :

* Play a game with us! We want to hear your ideas so we can offer you the best experiences.
* Minigames with friends. Try a Crazy Run, break a record in the Pet Parade, or deliver pizzas to earn money. Enter the arcade and win!
* Design your dream house according to your wishes. Just use your creativity! Check out the cloud sofa, dance mat, soft mats, gamer chair, kitchen, bathroom and more!
* We regularly organize unique events for you! Celebrate Halloween, Easter and Christmas with spectacular decor, challenges and themed products!
* It's all up to you! You can be anyone you want, just use your creativity.
* A virtual pet completes the experience! Find adorable animals from common to unusual to help you throughout the game. Take good care of them and watch them grow!
* It's all yours! You can have fun with your community and explore and push yourself!

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How to Download and Install PK XD?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.